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Arnott Volkswagen Suspension Replacements has Arnott's completely remanufactured OE front right and front left air struts for the 2004-2006 VW Phaeton and the price is far less than you would expect to pay at your local dealership for a new OE strut. Arnott thoroughly tests, cleans and repaints the OE strut and then rebuilds it with a new heavy-duty air spring bladder manufactured by Continental ContiTech along with a new air valve and mount, terminal, connector valve and dust cover. Arnott's new genuine OES VW Phaeton air compressor is made by WABCO. These heavy-duty air compressor units come completely assembled and ready to bolt in. This new aftermarket air compressor unit comes complete with new airline fittings, a thermal sensor, and the intake hose assembly. Both of these come with Arnott's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We also have Arnott's completely new Volkswagen Touareg front air spring, left and right, which enables you to economically replace just the air spring portion of your Volkswagen front air suspension shock. Arnott's Volkswagen Touareg air suspension design features a unique precision CNC-machined upper cap and piston assembly crafted from solid 6061-T6 aluminum. Arnott has created a completely new advanced Volkswagen Touareg rear air spring. Now you can replace your Volkswagen air springs without spending a small fortune at your local dealer!

Arnott's new coil spring conversion kit for the VW Touareg luxury crossover SUV (C-2616) converts all four air springs and shocks to a more reliable coil spring/strut combination. The coil spring kit includes aircraft-quality, CNC-machined aluminum seats, new rubber upper mounts and comes with Arnott's patent-pending Electronic Bypass Module (EBM) to eliminate the dashboard suspension warning light.

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