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Bilstein Steering Stabilizer Shocks

Bilstein 5100 Steering Stabilizers or steering dampers will drastically improve the steering feel and stability of a truck under heavy loads and on rough roads. All Bilstein 5100 series steering stabilizers use Bilstein's patended monotube construction to provide the most finely tuned and most durable, reliable damping available on any steering damper. Factory steering stabilizers cannot keep up with the abuse that full sized trucks take while towing or offroading and tend to overheat, Bilstein monotube steering stabilizers are much better at dissipating heat and standing up to hard work.

Developed exclusively for trucks, SUVs and vans, the Bilstein steering stabilizer is specifically designed to provide the best handling and the most control for heavy full sized vehicles. A Bilstein steering damper will correct steering wobble, bump steer, sloppy steering and other problems that result from play in the truck's steering components.

Bump steer is a problem with many trucks that can be solved by replacing your weak factory steering stabilizer with a Bilstein 5100 Stabilizer. Bump steer occurs when a truck hits a bump mid turn and the force of the impact forces the truck's tires to turn suddenly and unexpectedly. Bump steer can be very dangerous and can cause a truck to leave the lane of travel or even lose control completely.

Steering wobble, commonly called death wobble, is a very dangerous occurrence where an impact at highway speeds such as a seam in the road or a pothole can set off a vibration throughout the truck's steering components that does not stop until the truck is brought down to a much lower speed. A steering stabilizer can eliminate the symptoms of steering wobble. To learn more about steering wobble, click here.

Bilstein steering stabilizer shocks are designed to bolt on in place of your truck's factory stabilizer. A Bilstein steering stabilizer is designed to work alongside or Bilstein 5100 shocks to fully upgrade your truck's handling and steering.

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