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Shock Absorber Form

Shock Absorber

This form can help us see if there is a shock absorber than can match your dimensions for custom applications.

You will need at least a tape measure tool to determine your specs for this form. If you are not sure how to use the tool, have a professional mechanic do this for you. If you measure wrong, you will get the wrong shock size, it's that simple.

This form is ONLY for shocks that have a LOOP at each end. Meaning, each end of the shock uses a stud or bolt to attach it to the vehicle or machine. (see diagram above).

Because this is a custom application of the shock, some modification may have to be done to install. It is up to you to make the modifications if needed. You are the mechanic. It is your responsibility that the product is installed correctly and in a safe manner, and engineered to work with your custom modifications.


Measure the loop at the top of the shock.

The size of the UPPER BOLT hole you want is:

Top Bolt Hole Size:

Measure the loop at the bottom of the shock.

The size of the LOWER BOLT hole you want is:


Bottom Bolt Hole Size:


Now we need to know the measurements of the shock absorber.

There are THREE measurements:

Collapsed Length (the shock pushed all the way in).
Extended Length (the shock pulled all the way out)
Travel (how far the shock goes in and out in one stroke)

The shock is measured from the center of each bolt hole.

The collapsed length is:
(measured in inches)
Collapsed Length in INCHES:

The extended length is:
(measured in inches)
Extended Length in INCHES:


The travel of the shock absorber is:
(measured in inches)
Travel Length in inches:

What kind of shock do you want to use:

Shock Type:


Confirm Email:   

Please submit your form by using the button below once. Thank you.


A shock will not always be available in the size you need. Not all shock companies make their technical specs available to the public or to us. In those cases you would have to contact the Shock manufacturers directly. Any shock generally within one inch of the spec needed will be ok. We have rounded off the numercial measurements to inches for ease of use.



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