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DIY: How To Replace Front ABC Struts on a 2003-2012 Mercedes-Benz SL

This guide is for customers installing the Arnott SK-2412 Front Right ABC Strut and Arnott SK-2413 Front Left ABC Strut for the 2003-2006 SL500, 2003-2008 SL55 AMG, 2007-2012 SL550, 2003-2009 SL600, 2009-2012 SL63 AMG, and 2005-2012 SL65 AMG

The removal and installation of ABC struts on the Mercedes Benz R230 chassis SL can be performed by a skilled do it yourselfer at home. If you are unsure of your abilities or not in possession of the required tools, seek the help or guidance of a professional. All information is for informational purposes only and should be taken as helpful hints and visualizations, not a comprehensive guide. Your vehicle may be equipped or modified with additional equipment not shown or mentioned.


  1. Raise vehicle and set steering straight ahead, remove wheels.
  2. Disconnect the electrical sensor from the top of the strut mount and remove the three 13 mm top nuts.
  3. Loosen and separate the ball joint.
  4. Remove bottom strut bolt and use a jack stand to support the bottom of the strut.
  5. Bleed off hydraulic pressure in line carefully so that fluid drains slowly to prevent the strut from collapsing too quickly.
  6. Remove hydraulic hose isolator and quick fit connector for hydraulic line, then disconnect hydraulic line.
  7. Remove the strut from the vehicle.


  1. Remove the three 13 mm top nuts, hose dust cap, and bottom nut from the new strut.
  2. Fit new strut in place on vehicle using a jack stand for support, reattach the hydraulic line, then install hydraulic hose isolator.
  3. Replace bottom strut nut onto suspension arm and tighten.
  4. Replace three 13mm top nuts and connect electrical sensor to the top of the strut.
  5. Replace wheel.

Note: The Mercedes-Benz SL ABC air strut contains a solenoid valve that requires use of the Mercedes DAS Star diagnostic computer for inflation.

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