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Most of the units (but not all) that we sell have a Limited-Lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer of the product. Although each company has slightly different criteria, they also have some of the same basic requirements.

The limited warranties set forth above do not cover normal wear and tear and are non-transferable.

A shock is designed to last around 50,000 miles, depending on driving style and road conditions. You cannot drive your car for 5 years and 80,000 miles and replace shocks under warranty. That is wear and tear.

1. Warranties are based on defects such as leaks and breaks during normal use.
2. Again wear and tear are not covered. Do not call us with a warranty for 2 or 4 shocks. Those are wear and tear issues.
3. Warranties are only processed as an exchange of a defective product for a new one. No refunds. Shipping both ways is covered by the customer.
4. Have your receipt and order number ready if you are calling for a warranty.
5. Shocks with broken shafts or mounts will not be covered by manufacturer warranties, these breaks are the result of abuse or accident damage. See manufacturer warranty page for more information.
6. Warranties do not cover bushings, mounts or small parts.
7. All warranty re-orders will be charged a shipping handling fee between $9.95 to $24.99 depending on weight, Fedex ground shipping


Manufacturer Warranty Information

Bilstein | Edelbrock | KYB | Monroe | Rancho

Quick Glance Product Warranty Information

  • Bilstein B6 4600 Heavy Duty Warranty- Limited Lifetime
  • Bilstein B6 4600 Comfort Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Bilstein B8 Sport Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Bilstein B4 OEM Replacement Touring Class Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Bilstein 5100 Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Bilstein 5125 Warranty - 90 Days
  • Bilstein 5150 Warranty - 90 Days
  • Bilstein 5160 Warranty - 90 Days
  • Bilstein 5165 Warranty - 90 Days
  • Bilstein PSS, PSS9 & PSS10 Kits Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Bilstein BTS and B12 Kits Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Bilstein B4 Air Suspension Warranty - 2 Years
  • Bilstein Race Shocks (9300, 9100, 7100, 6100) Warranty - 90 days
  • Koni Classic Black Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Koni Coilover Kit Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Koni FSD Gold Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Koni Special Red Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Koni Sport Yellow Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Koni Str.t Orange Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • KYB Gasajust Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • KYB Monomax Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • KYB GR2/ Excel-G Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • KYB AGX Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • KYB Strut-Plus Warranty - 1 Year
  • KYB Steering Stabilizer Warranty - 1 Year
  • KYB Electronic Shocks and Struts Warranty - 180 Days
  • KYB Self Leveling & Nivomat Warranty - 180 Days
  • Rancho 9000XL Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Rancho RS7000MT Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Rancho RS5000 Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Rancho QuickLift Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Rancho MyRide Controller Warranty - 2 Years/ 24,000 Miles
  • Rancho Rock Gear Warranty - 1 Year, 12,000 Miles
  • Rancho RS9000XL Extended Length Warranty - 90 Days
  • Rancho RS 9000XL Coilover Warranty - 90 Days
  • Monroe Quickstrut Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Monroe Sensatrac Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Monroe OESpectrum Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Monroe Reflex Warranty - Limited Lifetime
  • Monroe GasMagnums - Limited Lifetime
  • Monroe Sensatrac Loadleveler Warranty - No Warranty
  • Monroe Monromatic and Gasmatic Warranty- No Warranty
  • Monroe Airshock Warranty - No Warranty
  • Monroe Conversion kit Warranty - No Warranty
  • Monroe Trailer Kit Warranty - No Warranty
  • Mounts - No Warranty
  • Boot/Bumpstops - No Warranty
  • Arnott Shocks & Conversion Kits - See Individual Item Page
  • Any part referred to as a "Racing", "Offroad" or a "Competition" part by the shock manufacturer usually means they will not offer a warranty on it.


Warranties on the products we distribute are the sole responsibility of the Shock Manufacturers and their respective policies.

ShockWarehouse does not imply or give any warranty on products sold through this company, we are not a Manufacturer. We simple extend the manufacturer's warranty.

Shock Manufacturer's warranties do not cover installation or removal fees, repairs, obsolete products no longer available, or shipping costs, which are the total responsibility of the product user and/or Consumer or Customer and the product Manufacturer.

All warranties require a proof of purchase.

If you have a specific question about a warranty, please check with the product manufacturer. They have the final say over any warranty situations.

Manufacturers in most cases require inspection and testing of parts for verification of a defect, and will not issue a replacement part until that has been done. All warranty decisions are made by the manufacturer according to their guidelines, not by Shockwarehouse.

--- RGA Request Form

By filling in this form, you are only REQUESTING an RGA (Return Goods Authorization number).

You cannot return any product without an RGA number we have given you. Any shipment sent to us WITHOUT AN RGA may be REFUSED by our shipping department. Any shipment without an RGA delivered to our shipping department is considered trash and will be disposed of as such.


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If approved, an RGA number will be emailed to you. Be sure and mark the RGA clearly on the outside of the shipment for our shipping dept. to see. All returned items need to be individually inspected before a warranty request will be processed.

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Batesville, MS 38606

Important Note: all Bilstein warranty claims MUST INCLUDE THE BILSTEIN WARRANTY CLAIM FORM. warranty submissions without the proper form included may be delayed or denied.

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