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If you are reading this page, you have probably received notification that your order is being delayed because of incorrect or incomplete order information. Our company prides itself on its stringent security procedures which are far stricter and more sophisticated than many other e-companies. Neither our employees nor our managers are permitted to waive these procedures.

Our Credit Card clearing house is one of the largest in the world. Information provided to us by our customers must exactly match the information provided to our clearing house by its member banks/financial institutions. The verification process is completely automated. Any incorrect or incomplete information will bring up an error message which will result in the transaction being denied or reversed. Your order may be cancelled unless you take action to correct the problem. Below are the typical messages received and the normal reasons for them:

    a) Your bank has declined the transaction because there is a typo in the card number or expiration date you entered on the order form.
    b) Your bank has declined the transaction because you have a security feature activated on your card, and your bank may require your permission (usually by a phone call) for a transaction to be processed.
    c) Your bank has declined a transaction because the card has not been activated.
    d) Your bank has declined the transaction because funds were not available.

    a) Unable to verify your billing address information because that information may not have been provided to them by your Credit Card issuer.
    b) The information you provided may not be the correct billing information as asked for on the secure form.
    c) SHOCK WAREHOUSE cannot verify the information because they refuse to confirm the information to us for you.

Please . . . re-check your order for accuracy, or check with your bank, and re-contact us via e-mail with corrected information.

If you would like to contact the Board Members of Shock Warehouse Inc., or would just like to comment about our website and services, please use our quick and easy survey form to help us better serve you in the future. The information entered there is sent by email directly to a Board Member for review, and is unavailable to Employees.

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