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Bilstein B6 4600 Heavy Duty Shock Absorber Ford Expedition Front 24-197717

Price:  $103.77
Bilstein B6 4600 Heavy Duty Shock Absorber Ford Expedition Front 24-197717

Ford Expedition 2WD 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 , Ford Expedition 4WD 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 , Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 , Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

The Bilstein Heavy Duty is a high pressure gas charged monotube performance shock.

Also called the Bilstein B6 Series or Bilstein 4600 Series, the Heavy Duty has an extruded metal body, high tech monotube construction and 360 psi gas pressure to prevent aeration and fading, it is the best performing and most durable unit we carry. No other shock can match it.

No matter how much power your car has, how many miles your motorhome has seen or how big your truck’s tires are, the Bilstein Heavy Duty will give you the best handling and most controlled ride.

Bilstein Heavy Duty truck shocks are especially good at keeping a truck's wheels planted to the road, no matter how bad the conditions are. Bilstein truck shocks will also keep your truck stable while towing even the heaviest loads, reducing trailer sway and keeping your truck and trailer straight at highway speed.

On Motorhomes, they are especially good at reducing body roll and will help eliminate wandering and that "seasick" feeling from the vehicle bobbing up and down.

Bilstein Heavy Duty B6 car shocks and struts are the best daily driver performance shocks and struts on the market. Real world performance demands a shock that can deal with bumps, potholes, railroad tracks and anything else the roads might throw at you, so the Bilstein Heavy Duty is designed to offer world class performance along with the ability to cope with rough roads and offer a comfortable ride.

  • 360 psi gas pressure prevents aeration and overheating
  • Monotube construction for the best safety and control
  • Vehicle specific performance valving

Bilsteins are known worldwide as the best performance shock, for onroad or offroad driving where rugged conditions demand a shock take the most punishment. For Lifted Trucks, Bilstein uses the same high pressure monotube technology found in the Heavy Duty with a longer shock length on the 5100 Series Offroad Shock.

Bilsteins are used as original equipment on vehicles where the manufacturer needs world class performance with daily driver comfort. Vehicles like the Chevy Silverado Z71, Ford Lightning, Toyota TRD, Mercedes and BMW SUVs and Sport Packages on many luxury cars all use Bilstein Heavy Duty shocks.

Lower Mount Type - Eye 20.3mm
Upper Mount Type - Stem
Boot Included - No
Finish - Yellow Paint
Internal Design - Monotube

Ford Expedition 2WD 2007 Front  
Ford Expedition 2WD 2008 Front  
Ford Expedition 2WD 2009 Front  
Ford Expedition 2WD 2010 Front  
Ford Expedition 2WD 2011 Front  
Ford Expedition 2WD 2012 Front  
Ford Expedition 2WD 2013 Front  
Ford Expedition 4WD 2007 Front  
Ford Expedition 4WD 2008 Front  
Ford Expedition 4WD 2009 Front  
Ford Expedition 4WD 2010 Front  
Ford Expedition 4WD 2011 Front  
Ford Expedition 4WD 2012 Front  
Ford Expedition 4WD 2013 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2007 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2008 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2009 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2010 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2011 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2012 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 2WD 2013 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2007 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2008 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2009 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2010 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2011 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2012 Front  
Lincoln Navigator 4WD 2013 Front  

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