Airlift Aircell

Level your load with Air Lift's new advanced, no-maintenance load support.

Air Lift introduces AirCell a microcellular urethane spring as a lower cost, no-maintenance product to reduce sag and improve the feel in heavily loaded vehicles!

AirCell is engineered by Air Lift, the air suspension leader, especially for vehicles that maintain constant loads such as work trucks, fleet, and delivery vehicles. They're great for anyone whose truck is always loaded, and wants load support and durability at a very affordable price!

Rear kits keep heavily-loaded pickups level and greatly improve ride. Front kits provide support for trucks with snow plows or other heavy front equipment.

Features and benefits of AirCell: 

1.Easy to install brackets, no air lines or fittings
2.Rear kits for popular late-model pickups, front kits for snow plow support
3.Made of rugged, long-lasting closed-cell urethane foam, the same material used in factory suspension parts
4.Urethane foam traps air to provide a cushion against sag
5.More durable and offer a better feel than rubber suspension boosters, eliminating the harsh jarring on rough roads
6.Quick, easy, bolt-on install
7.Available for many popular 1/2, 3/4, and 1-ton pickup trucks for hauling and towing.
8.Fits many of our most popular customer vehicles with leaf springs
9.Lifetime warranty

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