FAQ What Is A Strut Insert?

Strut inserts are available for certain type of strut assemblies, sometimes called serviceable struts, that have a removable damper that sits inside the strut housing. Cars with serviceable struts that use strut inserts have two separate items that make up what is typically called the strut (see our FAQ What Are The Different Parts Of A Strut for more information). This allows for less expensive repairs as the strut insert can be replace without needing a new strut housing.

A strut insert is easy to install, simply detach the strut assembly from the vehicle as you would with any strut replacement, and remove the strut insert from the housing, replace the insert, and reassemble. Please note: a car with one-piece struts CANNOT use a strut insert, if your car has a one-piece strut, you will need to replace the strut altogether as one piece.

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