Airlift Sure Set Controls Series

Airlift Sure Set Controls

Airlift Sure Set Onboard Air Systems

For maximum convenience and leveling "on-the-go", nothing beats an Air Lift On Board Air System. Now it's easy to adjust your vehicle to changes in load or road conditions, and you're sure the air springs have adequate air. Each system comes complete with compressor, gauges, (except for new ("no gauge" systems), wiring, connections, everything you need. You'll love it !

Air Lift's exclusive new electronic SureSets.

The Airlift SureSet Highlights:

  • Easiest to install. One data cable, no airlines to dash
  • Compact - About the size of a deck of cards
  • Digital touch control of air springs - the best controller ever!
  • Pres-assembled wiring harness, controller, air control block, compressor, everything you need
  • It's like cruise control for air springs!

Full illustrated, easy to follow instructions. (NOTE: for safety, never exceed manufacturer's recommended GVW rating).

Which On Board Air System is Right For Your Vehicle?
SKU On Board Air System Desired Operation
25592 Load Controller ll Single Front-to-Back Manual Control
25812 Load Controller ll Dual Front-to-Back & Side-to-Side Manual Control
25415 SmartAir Single * Front-to-Back Full Automatic Self-Leveling
25430 SmartAir Duel * Front-to-Back & Side-to-Side Full Automatic Self-Leveling
*Not for use with Air Lift 1000 - Controls 2 air springs; 4 air springs require 2 compressor systems

The new SureSet on board air system solves the problem of where to mount the cab control unit. It's compact, and there are no air lines to run into the cab. Just the one data cable ! SureSet also simplifies air pressure maintenance. The electronic control unit remembers the pressure settings for each spring and automatically maintains the driver selected air pressure. Change your load - just reset your pressure to level the vehicle with the dash-mount control, and SureSet will automatically maintain the new pressure setting.

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