Monroe Air Kits

These are various air kits and parts that are used with some Monroe Airshocks.

A new pair of Airshocks, in most cases, includes a new airline kit (some vehicles, such as some made by GM, require the purchase of a special air kit when indicated). Also, at some later time you may need to replace or repair part of the lines and fittings.

On this page you can also view a diagram of the kit's use, and a picture of what is included in each kit.

(Please Note: Monroe air lines will not fit other brand airshocks).

SKU Schematic Image Price/Each Order
AK16 See Diagram See Photo $12.25
AK29 See Diagram See Photo $19.35
AK18 See Diagram See Photo $14.75
AK64 See Diagram See Photo $16.29

The Monroe 25185 Air Pump Kits are Discontinued. Use Airlift 25804 Pump Kit.

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