RS5812 Rancho 5000

Price:  $102.30

RS5812 Rancho 5000

Rancho RS5000 shocks feature a twin-tube cellular gas design and ten-stage valving. Available for stock and lifted applications, RS5000 RS5812 is ideal for normal driving and off-road, at an affordable price. The shock of choice for light trucks and sport utility vehicles since 1985. Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect.

Rancho RS5000 Strut RS5812

Compressed Length - 16.480
Extended Length - 23.350

Replaces OEM part Numbers: Datsun/Nissan: 543020W025, 543020W026, 543020W028, 543021W225, 543021W226, 543021W227, 543030W025, 543030W026, 543030W028, 543031W225, 543031W226, 543031W227, 562000W025, 562000W026, 562001W225

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