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Q. What Does my Order Status Mean?

A: New: Orders marked as new have been received by the Shockwarehouse servers but have not yet been approved and fulfillment has not yet started. At this point you can still make changes to your order, address or billing information by calling 1-800-245-7469. Orders are typically in New status for less than one business day.

Processed: Processed orders have been accepted by Shockwarehouse and the fulfillment process has started. This means that Shockwarehouse is working on packing and shipping the order or, in cases where the parts were not in stock and available for immediate shipping, sourcing the items for shipment. Orders are typically in processed status for 1-2 business days. Some items might be coming off backorder (see below) and will take 2-4 business days.

Backordered: In cases where Shockwarehouse does not have an item in stock we attempt to source the item from the original manufacturer and many third party warehouses. Items in backorder status are not currently available anywhere in the United States. Shockwarehouse is a direct distributor for the manufacturers. We stock over 10,000 different part numbers. We do our best to estimate when these items will come available and send regular email updates to customers with backordered parts, but the manufacturing process for shocks is complicated and unfortunately can be lengthy. Please call us at 1-800-245-7469 for more information on your order.

Bilstein Backorders - We are pleased to be a distributor of Bilstein Shocks and Struts. These are among the most popular shocks in the world. For that reason they have a high number of parts on backorder at all times. A Bilstein backorder means parts are on a worldwide backorder so there are none available in the world. We receive Bilstein deliveries on a daily basis so if we do not have it most likely no one else does either If you are in dire need of a part and it is on backorder please call us at 1-800-245-7469 and one of our specialists can suggest a similar replacement. Below you will find a posting of part numbers that are currently on backorder and expected dates. These expected dates are usually cushioned so many times the parts will be available a week or so earlier. Bilstein Backorder Dates

Shipped: Your order has shipped! You should have received an email with tracking information to the email you provided at checkout. Most orders ship out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and shipping times vary from 1-6 business days, depending on where in the country the order is being delivered to. International orders typically take several days more to clear customs.

Q. How can I check my order online?

A: Use the fields above . Enter your ORDER number (you will see this on the printable web page that shows a copy of your order, just after you have placed it online, and in your confirmation email), and enter the first 5 digits of the ZIP Code used for your billing address. (Order status should be available within 1-2 business days of the purchase date.)

Q. I didn't get a confirmation by email?

A. Unfortunately the number one reason people do not get that email is because they accidently miss-type in a wrong email address. The second reason is because they use a mailbox which is either full, or no longer in use. Typically, 1 out of 10 of those emails bounces back to us. If you printed the page after you ordered, the email essentially says the same thing.

Q. I didn't see a tracking number when I checked on my order?

A. Not all shipments will have a tracking number. If an order is dropshipped to you from the Manufacturer, such as Monroe or Edelbrock, they do not send us the tracking number. Either because they choose not to, or do not have a way to do so. UPS, FEDEX GROUND, and other carriers normally deliver in 7 to 10 working days. If you do not receive your order within 10 working days, please contact us, and we will have them trace your shipment.

Q. Why are the part numbers I received not like the ones when I ordered?

A. Our software online requires us to use prefixes and suffixes on a part number, also, some of those are for internal use here in the office. But normaly, the core part number we use is the same as the manufacturers. Usually, when an invoice is made after an order, it will contain just the core part number. Either way, they will not always match exactly, and it does not mean you have received the wrong part.

Q. A couple of the shocks I received did not have a dust boot, is this ok?

A. Not all shocks will have a dust cover. On some vehicles, there is no boot or dust shield because of clearance. For instance, on a lot of Chrylser, GM , and Ford made cars and trucks, in the front, there is not enough room in the control arms for them.

Q. Some of the shocks I got did not have a strap on them when I took them out of the box?

A. The straps serve only one purpose, and that is to fit the unit in the box. All the manufacturers use certain size boxes. If the boxes they use are, say, 20 inches long, and a strut or shock is 29 inches long, that unit will get a strap to compress it to fit in the box. And if the shock is shorter than 20 inches, then a strap is not needed, since it fits in the box with room to spare.

Q. I've Decided I Want to Cancel My Order, How Can I Do That?

A. We're sorry to hear that you want to cancel your order with Shockwarehouse, but we understand that plans sometimes change unexpectedly. To cancel your order, please call 800-245-7469 between 9 am and 5 pm eastern standard time. Order cancellation requests made via email will not be honored. Please note: a restocking fee may apply on any cancelled order.