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60250 Replacement Cylinder

Price:  $43.35
60250 Replacement Cylinder

Ailift Replacement Air Bag

If by chance one of the air bag springs on your vehicle is damaged over time or by accident, this is a replacement air bag.

It is not necessary to purchase a whole new kit if you only need a new air bag spring.

There are several different kinds of air bag springs made by Airlift, this particular bag does not fit every vehicle. Please use the appropiate air bag for your kit on your vehicle.

Buick Skylark 1964 Unlimited  
Buick Skylark 1965 Unlimited  
Buick Skylark 1966 Unlimited  
Buick Sportwagon 1964 Unlimited  
Buick Sportwagon 1965 Unlimited  
Buick Sportwagon 1966 Unlimited  
Chevrolet Chevelle 1964 Unlimited  
Chevrolet Chevelle 1965 Unlimited  
Chevrolet Chevelle 1966 Unlimited  
Chevrolet El Camino 1964 Unlimited  
Chevrolet El Camino 1965 Unlimited  
Chevrolet El Camino 1966 Unlimited  

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