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Timbren is one of the leader's in towing enhancement and safety for Trucks, SUV's and Motorhomes. The Timbren Suspension Enhancement System kits are the easiest and most reliable suspension add-ons for suspension load support today. Timbren SES kits use patented Aeon rubber springs to add thousands of pounds of extra leveling strength to almost any vehicle. SES kits are available for a wide range of trucks, vans, SUVs, and motorhomes with both front and rear applications for towing, hauling, or snow plowing solutions.

How Timbren SES Kits Work

Timbren SES kits use a hollow rubber spring that adds thousands of pounds of leveling strength to your truck's suspension. Timbren's patented Aeon rubber springs are made of 100% natural rubber and install using laser cut steel brackets powdercoated for protection against corrosion.

The Timbren SES kit is essentially a rubber add-on spring that provides extra strength to your suspension only when you need it. The spring is bolted on to one side of a vehicle's suspension (usually the frame) and has about an inch of clearance during normal driving. This allows the vehicle to ride as comfortably and handle exactly like stock when unloaded - no need trade off an ultra stiff ride every day for the strength and stability you need when you're towing. When the vehicle is loaded, the Timbren spring comes into contact with the axle and helps support the weight. As the vehicle weight increases, the progressive weight springs add more and more strength, up to 40,000 lbs for some heavy truck applications and 14,000 lbs for some pickups.

While Timbren SES springs are rubber, they are not sealed air springs. Timbren springs are hollow, open springs that do not require any maintenance and cannot be punctured. One benefit of rubber springs is that they also act as dampers on suspension movements, similar to shock absorbers, adding even more stability to your truck under heavy loads.

Don't Ruin Your Ride

In the past, trucks were built with the stiffest suspensions possible designed to take years of abuse and in turn abuse anyone who had the displeasure of riding in them. If you wanted a something you could drive every day and a truck, you had to have two vehicles. Today's trucks ride better than luxury cars from a few years ago. The tradeoff is that when you ask your comfortable daily driver pickup to tow a boat or haul a bed full of gravel, it sags embarrassingly and can become dangerous to drive.

Timbren SES kits use progressive rate springs that range from zero (remember with an unloaded truck these don't affect your ride at all) to thousands of pounds of extra strength. As your truck sits lower on the spring, the spring gets stiffer and adds more strength. This ensures that under moderate loads, your truck will handle and ride safely and comfortably. Under extremely heavy loads, the Aeon spring becomes very stiff and prioritizes safety above all.

Traditional add-a-leaf or overload springs add stiffness to your truck's suspension at all times, not just when the extra capacity is needed, so your truck will ride terribly when unloaded.

Easy Installation

Most SES kits can be installed with just a socket wrench. No need to drill holes in your truck's frame, run air lines, install compressors, or wire controllers. Only 2% of Timbren's SES Kits require any drilling or welding. If you have 15 minutes to an hour to spare, you can install an SES kit on your truck.

Timbren SES VS Air Suspension Systems

One of the most common comparisons Timbren SES kits are an adjustable air suspension or air bag kit. Both Timbren and air suspension kits use durable rubber springs to provide reliable leveling strength for towing and hauling heavy loads, but Timbren kits have a few big advantages over air bags.

  1. Timbren springs cannot be punctured. The Timbren SES kits use patented Aeon springs that are actually hollow and not air tight. The strength from a Timbren rubber spring comes from the construction of the rubber, not from the air inside it. This means that even if you were to drive a knife through a Timbren spring, it would still work. Timbren's springs are especially popular with offroad drivers because of this particular feature.

  2. No adjustments necessary. The major selling point of air suspension towing kits is that they can be adjusted for exactly the amount of extra strength you need. Timbren kits use progressive rate springs and do not need to be adjusted to add extra leveling strength for heavy loads. Like air springs, Timbren's springs don't impact your ride when you don't need them. Timbren springs install with 1 - 2 inches of clearance at normal unloaded ride height, so the kit only adds spring strength you're your truck is already sagging under a load. Instead of airing up your air springs when you want to tow a trailer or throw a load into your truck, Timbren kits just work when you need them.

  3. Easy Installation. Air suspension kits can require precise measurements, drilling your frame, running air lines, wiring controllers, and more. Most Timbren SES kits install with just a single socket wrench using the existing hole from the factory bumpstop.

  4. SES kits require no maintenance. Keeping a truck on the road for the long haul requires diligent maintenance on all of the vehicle's moving parts, there's no need to add another complicated system that needs to be checked and fixed regularly. Timbren's SES kits use rubber springs that cannot rust and cannot leak. Once you've installed your SES kit, you're done worrying about it.

SES for Snowplows

Timbren builds special SES leveling kits for trucks and SUVs that are fitted with snowplows. This is one of the only solutions for leveling snowplows on the market today. Timbren's front SES kits are typically rated at around 1,000 lbs of leveling strength to make up for the extra weight of the plowing equipment.

Timbren's front leveling kits are also ideal for offroad trucks fitted with heavy front bumpers or bullbars and winches.

SES for Motorhomes

Motorhomes are some of the heaviest vehicles on the road that are driven by non professionals and they are typically driven for long periods at a time. That's why the suspension on a motorhome should be perfect. You don't want to spend 8 hours in the driver's seat of an RV that's wallowing, porpoising, or swaying down the road. Timbren's SES kits tighten up the suspension of your motorhome so that you can comfortably drive at highway speeds and on rough roads. The Timbren SES' progressive spring rate self adjusts to accommodate the exact architecture and load of your motorhome.

Timbren SES kits do not replace your springs or shocks, so you still have all of your other suspension upgrade options available to you. If your motorhome's stability, handling and safety are important to you, the Timbren SES makes a perfect addition to your suspension system.

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