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The Koni STR.T Orange is a shock absorber designed by Koni, a company with almost 100 years of expertise in shock absorber manufacturing. Despite being an entry-level model, the STR.T Orange outperforms most top-of-the-line shocks from other companies. Specifically engineered for street cars, the STR.T Orange offers a perfect balance between performance and comfort. When it comes to lowering your car with aftermarket springs, using factory shocks is not recommended. These shocks are not designed to handle the lower height and stiffer springs, which can result in a bouncy and uncomfortable ride. The Koni STR.T Orange, on the other hand, is built to work seamlessly with lowering springs, providing optimal performance and damping. Moreover, these shocks come with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating the confidence and reliability that Koni has in their product. Overall, if you're looking to improve your car's handling without sacrificing ride quality, the Koni STR.T Orange is an excellent choice.


The Koni STR.T (Street) Orange is Koni's entry level shock, but this is Koni we're talking about, so these are better than most companies' top of the line. The STR.T orange shocks and struts take the engineering and performance knowledge gained from almost 100 years of shock absorber manufacturing and offers it in an affordable, easy to use shock. Available for select sports car, the STR.T Orange is specifically engineered to provide the best blend of performance and comfort for street cars.

Koni str.t orange

Lowered Cars

Koni STR.T Orange struts and shocks are specifically engineered to work with lowering springs. If you're lowering your car to improve its looks and performance, reusing your factory struts or shocks is one of the worst things you can do. Factory shocks are designed for comfortable driving at factory height, and many get unbearably stiff and provide little or no damping at lower heights with stiffer springs. If you've ever seen a lowered car bouncing down the highway like it's on a dirt road while every other car is cruising smoothly, you've seen perfect evidence of why you need specially designed shocks and struts to go with lowering springs.

KONI orange strut

Lifetime warranty

The Koni STR.T series is so reliable and well built that Koni stands behind it with a lifetime warranty against defects. In 40 years when your car is a classic, you'll still have warranty coverage for the Koni STR.T shocks and struts you buy today.

Koni STR.T Orange Features:

  • Engineered Specifically for Each Vehicle

  • Designed to Work with Stock Height or Lowered Cars

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Upgrade Your Car's Handling Performance Without Sacrificing Ride Quality

Looking to lower your car? Koni STR.T Lowering Kits with high performance springs provide everything you need to lower your car, making it look better and handle like it's on rails. Want the best, no compromise, race ready shocks for your car? Koni Sport Yellow Adjustable Shocks and Struts give you a 100% range of adjustment for the most precise suspension tuning ever. Need great handling without sacrificing ride quality? Koni FSD Gold shocks and struts for luxury cars offer the performance and comfort of an electronic damper without the cost.


Introduction to Koni STR.T Orange

A Century's worth of Shock Absorber Expertise

Koni has been at the forefront of shock absorber technology for nearly a century, establishing itself as a leader in the industry. The company's rich history is marked by continuous innovation, as it has adapted to the ever-changing demands of vehicle dynamics and customer needs. Koni's expertise is built on decades of research, development, and hands-on experience in the field of automotive suspension systems. This deep knowledge is evident in every product they create, including the STR.T Orange shock absorbers. These shocks are a testament to Koni's commitment to quality and performance. The brand's longevity and dedication have fostered trust among car enthusiasts and professionals alike, who rely on Koni's proven track record to deliver reliable and effective suspension solutions.

Koni STR.T Orange: The Entry Level Exception

The Koni STR.T Orange shock absorbers defy the typical expectations of entry-level suspension components. Unlike standard options that often compromise on either comfort or performance, the STR.T Orange is engineered to offer an exceptional driving experience. They are a prime choice for those who seek enhanced handling and stability without incurring the high costs usually associated with performance upgrades. The STR.T Orange shocks use Koni's extensive expertise to deliver a product that stands out in its category. They provide a significant improvement over OEM shocks and are particularly suited for drivers looking to upgrade their vehicle's suspension system at an affordable price point. This approach reflects Koni's dedication to accessibility and performance, ensuring that more drivers have the opportunity to experience the benefits of a premium suspension system.

The Engineering and Performance Knowledge

The Perfect Blend of Performance and Comfort

The engineering behind the Koni STR.T Orange shock absorbers focuses on achieving the perfect balance between high-performance handling and a comfortable ride. This balance is crucial, as drivers demand a suspension system that can handle aggressive driving and cornering without compromising on the comfort needed for daily use. The STR.T Orange meets these demands through its fine-tuned valving and robust construction, which work together to absorb road imperfections and control suspension movement. This results in a smooth ride quality that doesn't sacrifice responsiveness or control. Whether navigating tight turns or cruising on a straightaway, drivers can expect consistent performance that enhances the overall driving experience. The STR.T Orange's superior design demonstrates Koni's commitment to providing drivers with a product that delivers both excitement and ease, no matter the driving conditions.

Engineered for Sports Cars

Koni understands the unique demands of sports car drivers, which is why the STR.T Orange shock absorbers are specifically engineered to enhance the driving dynamics of these high-performance vehicles. Sports cars require a suspension system that can cope with higher speeds, sharper turns, and more aggressive braking. The STR.T Orange is designed to manage these conditions with ease, providing improved road holding and a tighter grip on the road. The damping characteristics are fine-tuned to match the sportier chassis and spring rates typically found in sports cars, ensuring that the suspension is neither too soft nor too rigid. This precision engineering contributes to a more responsive and engaging driving experience. For drivers who push their vehicles to the limit but also enjoy a comfortable ride during their day-to-day travels, the Koni STR.T Orange offers the best of both worlds.

Tailored for Lowered Cars

Lowering a vehicle can significantly improve its appearance and aerodynamics, but without the right shock absorbers, it can also lead to a less than satisfactory ride quality. The Koni STR.T Orange has been tailored for lowered cars to ensure that drivers don't have to compromise on comfort or performance. These shocks are optimized to work with the reduced suspension travel and increased spring rates that come with lowering a vehicle. With the STR.T Orange, the risk of bottoming out is minimized, and the suspension's ability to absorb bumps and maintain tire contact with the road is maximized. This focus on compatibility with lowered vehicles means that car enthusiasts can achieve the sleek, low-profile look they desire without detracting from the car's handling characteristics. It's a purpose-built solution for those who personalize their vehicles for both style and performance.

Features of Koni STR.T Orange

The Lifetime Warranty Assurance

Koni stands behind the STR.T Orange shocks with a robust lifetime warranty, underlining the company's confidence in their products' durability and performance. This warranty is a commitment to quality, ensuring that customers can trust in the long-term reliability of their investment. The assurance of a lifetime warranty means that drivers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their shock absorbers are protected against manufacturing defects and material shortcomings for the life of the product. This level of service is a reflection of Koni's dedication to customer satisfaction and its reputation as a trusted advisor in the automotive industry. With this warranty, Koni demonstrates its ongoing support to vehicle owners, reinforcing the belief that choosing STR.T Orange shocks is a wise decision for those who value both excellence and assurance in their vehicle's suspension system.

Engineered Specifically for Each Vehicle

One of the standout features of the Koni STR.T Orange shock absorbers is their vehicle-specific engineering. Koni doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to suspension. Each set of STR.T Orange shocks is developed with the characteristics of a specific vehicle in mind, taking into account factors like weight distribution, chassis design, and intended use. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the shocks provide the optimal level of performance for each car model. Whether it's a compact hatchback or a muscular coupe, drivers can expect an upgrade that feels tailor-made for their vehicle. This customization extends beyond mere fitment; it influences how the car handles and feels on the road, resulting in a more cohesive and integrated driving experience. Koni's commitment to individualized design is just another way the company caters to the discerning needs of car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike.

Providing Superior Handling Performance

The engineering prowess of Koni is fully realized in the STR.T Orange's ability to provide superior handling performance. This series of shock absorbers is all about enhancing the driver's control over the vehicle. By improving the connection between the tires and the road surface, the STR.T Orange reduces body roll, increases stability during cornering, and ensures better grip during acceleration and braking. The result is a more predictable and responsive vehicle that inspires confidence, especially in situations that demand quick maneuvers. Drivers will notice the difference in how their car responds to steering inputs, allowing for a more engaging and spirited driving experience. The STR.T Orange's focus on handling performance doesn't just benefit those who enjoy spirited drives; it's also an important safety feature, providing better control in a variety of road conditions and situations.

Koni Shock Line Comparisons

Koni STR.T Lowering Kits

Koni STR.T Lowering Kits are designed for drivers looking to lower their vehicle for aesthetic appeal and improved handling. These kits include Koni STR.T Orange shocks and carefully selected lowering springs that are matched to provide an optimal balance between ride quality and performance. The kits typically lower the vehicle's ride height by 30 to 50mm, which not only gives the car a more aggressive stance but also lowers the center of gravity for better handling dynamics. The springs are engineered to work in harmony with the shock absorbers, ensuring that the overall suspension system maintains its composure even in demanding driving conditions. These lowering kits are an excellent option for drivers wanting a straightforward, out-of-the-box solution for their suspension upgrade, combining the trusted performance of Koni shocks with the improved aesthetics and handling that come from a lower ride height.

Koni Sport Yellow Adjustable Shocks and Struts

The Koni Sport Yellow series is geared towards the more performance-oriented driver. These adjustable shocks and struts allow for customization of damping force to suit various driving conditions and personal preferences. The adjustability feature is particularly beneficial for those who use their vehicle for a combination of street driving and occasional track days. By turning the adjustment knob, drivers can fine-tune the firmness of their suspension, choosing a softer setting for daily comfort or a firmer setting for improved handling during high-performance driving. The Sport Yellow shocks are also often used in conjunction with performance lowering springs, providing a comprehensive suspension upgrade. With the ability to adjust the damping settings, Koni Sport Yellow shocks give drivers the flexibility to modify their ride to match their driving style and the demands of the road or track.

Koni FSD Gold Shocks and Struts

The Koni FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) Gold series is the pinnacle of Koni's shock absorber offerings for drivers seeking the ultimate in ride quality and handling. The FSD technology is an innovative approach that combines the benefits of firm and soft suspension in one package. The system automatically adjusts the damping level in response to the frequency of road inputs, providing firm handling on smooth roads and softer damping over rough surfaces. This dual nature of the FSD Gold series means that drivers no longer have to choose between comfort and performance — they get both. The shocks and struts are precisely engineered to each specific vehicle, ensuring a seamless integration with the factory suspension setup. Ideal for those who demand a sophisticated suspension system that adapts on the fly, the Koni FSD Gold series delivers comfort when you want it and performance when you need it.


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