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KYB Automotive struts and shocks

KYB products are recognized worldwide for outstanding quality. The company is one of the world's largest suppliers of shocks and struts to vehicle manufacturers and carries a full range of aftermarket domestic and import shocks and struts.



Excel-G The standard OE replacement shock from KYB meets or exceeds OE quality and is available for a huge variety of vehicles.

Gas-a-Just Restores performance for firmer, additional control compared to standard shocks.

AGX KYB AGX shocks are manually adjustable, perfect for high performance and sport compact applications.

MonoMax Heavy-duty performance upgrade for your truck.

Strut-Plus All-in-one solution to restore your vehicle's original handling and control.

Steering Stabilizers Stop vibration in trucks, vans and 4WD vehicles for increased control under all driving conditions.

Gas-a-Just for Motorhomes High pressure gas monotube shocks designed for Class A, B and C motorhomes and conversion van platforms to give you more driving control, performance and stability.

Self-Leveling and Electronic Shocks OE replacements for specific applications.

KYB Strut Mounts and Boots Protect your shafts and seals, control vibration and noise.


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