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I have a '92 Nissan 2WD pickup and somebody referred your website to me. I am interested in some KYB shocks and am having a hard time deciding on the Gasajust or the GR2 units. The roads/freeways out here in california have been getting bad and don't look like they'll get rebuilt anytime soon. Which ones would you recommend?



The KYB GR2 are a twin tube low pressure design, similar to the original OE shocks. The Gasajust are a performance shock, a monotube design. If performance / handling is not your goal with the truck, just daily evryday driving, you should use the GR2s.

Shop for Nissan 2WD pickup shocks:

KYB Front Excel-G Shock Absorber for Nissan

KYB Rear Excel-G Shock Absorber for Nissan

KYB Front Gas-a-Just Shock Absorber for Nissan

KYB Rear Gas-a-Just Shock Absorber for Nissan

Looking for KYB GR2 for your 92 Nissan 2WD Pickup shocks? Learn the difference What's the difference between the KYB GR-2 and the Excel-G products?

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