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FOX shocks have dominated professional racing and offroad sports for nearly four decades. The world's fastest drivers and Earth's most brutal driving conditions call for top engineering. The entire line of FOX offroad, racing and regular truck shocks are beautifully engineered and built from the highest quality materials, and include innovative damping solutions to meet your specific needs.

Shockwarehouse carries the complete line of FOX applications to meet every requirement.

The closest you can get to a race shock in a bolt-on, smooth body shock, FOX 2.0 Factory shocks use a high-pressure monotube design along with the zinc body coating for maximum performance in any terrain. FOX Factory 2.0 shocks are guaranteed to bolt in with no modifications to your truck and are built for many different lifts as well as stock-height trucks.

2.0 Adventure Series IFP smooth body shocks give you increased ride quality and the control you need when heading into the unknown. FOX's proven damping technology provides a comfortable on-road ride and predictable off-road handling in a variety of conditions. The 5/8" alloy steel shock shaft adds increased strength and rigidity. The shafts are hard chrome plated and heat-treated to resist pitting and scratches that can damage shaft seals. An Internal Floating Piston (IFP) separates the shock oil from the high-pressure nitrogen charged gas chamber to eliminate aeration, allowing maximum performance from the factory-tuned precision valving.

FOX direct replacement shocks deliver race-winning performance in a simple, direct replacement bolt-on shock. Each has been rigorously tested by FOX engineers to maximize suspension travel and performance on and off the road. Direct replacement shocks are available in hundreds of applications from stock to lifted, as well as aftermarket replacement kits.

FOX-patented internal bypass technology offers position-sensitive damping that adapts to any terrain. FOX internal bypass shocks utilize the same race-proven position-sensitive damping technology as FOX external bypass shocks in a compact package available in a wide range of sizes and developed for specific applications.

Race-proven performance you can bolt on to your truck or SUV for improved damping and control in any terrain. FOX 2.0 Factory Series steering stabilizers take their deisgn from FOX's offroad race shocks, so they've been perfected in challenging conditions.

Protect your shock shaft and seals from rocks, dust and debris kicked up by tires. The FOX Roost Shield attaches securely to FOX 2.0 Performance Series IFP and FOX 2.0 Evolution Series IFP shocks. Kit includes a PAIR of Roost Shields and all mounting hardware and instructions. A tough and reliable application for your Ford F150, Jeep or other off-road vehicle that protects your suspension investment. Sleek black embossed with the FOX logo. FOX Roost Shields are easily removed to showcase your suspension.

A new DSC adjuster will add versatility and precise tuning capability, with two adjuster knobs allowing ten low-speed and 12 high-speed compression levels. The anodized aluminum reservoir increases cooling efficiency. Available for all 7/8"-shaft smooth body and remote reservoir coil-over shocks. New application-specific hose and fittings may be required.

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