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2.0 Factory Series Stabilizer IFP

Race-proven performance you can bolt on to your truck or SUV for improved damping and control in any terrain. FOX 2.0 Factory Series steering stabilizers take their deisgn from FOX's offroad race shocks, so they've been perfected in challenging conditions.

2.0 Adventure Series Stabilizer IFP

The same as the FOX 2.0 Adventure Series IFP smooth body shock.

2.0 Performance Series Stabilizer IFP

Oversized offroad tires tend to seek traction in any direction, causing your front end to wander. The FOX 2.0 Performance Series Stabilizer IFP's advanced damping technology tames steering feedback from even the most aggressive tires.

2.0 Performance Series Adjustable Through Shaft (ATS) Steering Stabilizer

A breakthrough in stabilizer design, the FOX 2.0 Performance Series Adjustable Through Shaft (ATS) steering stabilizer cancels unwanted steering forces in both directions, taking the place of conventional opposing stabilizers. 24 clicks of external adjustment let you fine-tune the feel. An integrated reservoir increases fluid capacity and improves cooling during extreme use. FOX's relocating hardware moves the steering stabilizer up and out of the way with a new track bar relocation bolt and 1-3/8" tie-rod mounting clamp.

Check out our knowledge base article on Steering Stabilizers.

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