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Get me off this boat in 10 foot waves! Oh wait a second, this is my motorhome!

The Roadmaster RSS line of Anti-Sway Bars will get you to dry ground. No more body roll, No more soft or lame steering. No more getting blown around by high winds and tandem trailers.

Roadmaster RSS sway bars, also known as anti-sway bars or stabilizer bars, greatly reduce body roll and improve stability on your Motorhome.

The RSS line of Sway Bard minimize the side-to-side motion of the vehicle's suspension. Simply it keeps the left and right sides of the RV suspension system in concert with one another. The Roadmaster RSS anti-sway bar consists of a long thick high grade alloy bar that attached to your RV chassis and connects to the suspension components, usually the control arms or axles, through linkages or sway bar end links.
You hit large crosswinds or a hairpin turn the sway bar transfers some of the load from the compressed side to the extended side, thereby reducing body roll. The RV levels and stabilizes, enhancing safety and comfort for the occupants.

The Roadmaster RSS anti sway bars are one of the best in the industry. Get rid pf the Dramamine and drive smooth and safe. Buy a Roadmaster RSS Anti Sway bar from Shock warehouse today!
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