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We're car people at Shockwarehouse and sometimes the person on the phone with you will be a mechanic. We don't do installations or repairs, but we do get a lot of questions about installation in particular. This page is intended to help you decide what you are going to do and should not be considered a substitute for your own knowledge, technical ability and common sense.

CONSULT THE SHOP MANUAL. Always consult the shop manual for correct repair and modification procedures on your vehicle. Shop repair manuals, which are far more detailed than your owner's manual, are available from many sources. One is your local public library, where you can usually check out a book free of charge or even photocopy the pages needed to do your installation; look online too.

KNOW WHAT TOOLS YOU WILL NEED. For example, on vehicles with struts, you would will likely need a spring-compressor tool for installation.

BE SAFE. Take all safety precautions while doing any mechanical work.

DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING APART BEFORE YOUR COMPONENTS ARRIVE. You would be surprised by how often people take their vehicle apart before they have received their order.

Follow the links below for PDF instruction sheets from our shock manufacturers, which you can download and print. Most of these are pretty generic, so be sure and consult your own repair manuals and vehicle manufacturers for more detailed information.



Note that every vehicle is different! But these will give you a basic knowledge of what is involved. On vehicles with struts, you would normally need at least a spring-compressor tool for installation. Also, be sure and take all safety precautions while doing any mechanical work.

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