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So, you are driving your Motorhome and RV down the road, and you must make a sudden turn and like Cousin Eddie in Vacation the Movie next thing you know you are swinging back and forth all over the road. 


Cousin Eddie needed a lot of things on his RV but what he really needed was a SuperSteer Trac Bar. The SuperSteer Trac Bar gives you control and stability when you make wide or sudden turns. It eliminates any east-west or side to side motion keeping your vehicle and you and your party safe on the road. 


Easy to install the SuperSteer Rear Trac Bar attaches at one end to the frame and the other end to the rear axle of your Motorhome, preventing that side-to-side motion. No kids or items sliding all over the RV. Just a safe smooth ride.  


SuperSteer Rear Trac Bars 

  • Stop your Rear Axle from Shifting Side to Side  
  • Keep Your Motorhome Centered from Crosswinds or Huge Trucks  
  • Eliminate oversteering and ensure a safe drive 

Do not be like Cousin Eddie. 

Equip your RV or Motorhome with a SuperSteer Trac Bar Today! 

SuperSteer® SS451 Rear Trac Bar for Ford E450
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