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Koni RV shocks are trusted by coachmakers, mechanics and discerning drivers alike for their reliability, performance and comfort.

The Koni FSD Gold shocks are the world standard for shocks that blend the comfort you want for long drives with the performance and safety you need. Koni FSD Frequency Selective Damper RV shocks use a special valve that filters out small vibrations, but steps up valving when it is really needed allowing the motorhome to navigate on unmaintained roads, over expansion joints or even through small potholes without causing discomfort, but still giving you the ability to drive at highway speeds and on rough roads safely.

Koni's adjustable RV shocks allow for fine tuning of ride characteristics, and can be used to compensate for wear on the suspension, giving you an even longer interval between replacements.

Koni EVO 99 RV shocks use a huge 50mm bore piston for smooth operation even on the roughest roads, combined with a modular piston design and digressive valving for control over bridges and large bumps. The EVO 99 is available for select motorhomes and includes the adjustability you've come to trust from Koni camper shocks.

Koni shocks are available for most Class A and Class B RVs and motorhomes and some pickup trucks commonly used to tow campers.

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