KONI RV Shocks

KONI RV Shocks

Koni RV shocks are trusted by coachmakers, mechanics and discerning drivers alike for their reliability, performance and comfort


Introducing Koni FSD Gold Shocks, the definitive shock standard in America. These perfectly combine the comfort desired for long trips with the indispensable combination of performance and safety.

Koni FSD Frequency Selective Damper RV shocks feature a distinctive valve that effectively filters out minor vibrations. 

When required, it adjusts its valving, allowing your motorhome to glide over rough roads, expansion joints, and small potholes with ease, without compromising comfort.

This innovative technology empowers you to drive at highway speeds and tackle rough terrains securely, making Koni FSD Gold shocks the epitome of Shock Absorber excellence.

KONI FSD Gold Shocks

For those seeking precise control over their ride experience, Koni's adjustable RV shocks provide the solution. Fine-tune your ride characteristics and compensate for suspension wear, extending the interval between replacements. 

The Koni EVO 99 RV shocks, boasting an impressive 50mm bore piston, ensure smooth operation even on the most challenging roads. The modular piston design and digressive valving offer superior control over bridges and substantial bumps, making the EVO 99 an ideal Shock Absorber choice for select motorhomes. Trust in Koni's camper shocks for unparalleled adjustability, providing the customization you need for your journey.

Available for a wide range of Class A and Class B RVs, as well as some pickup trucks commonly used for towing campers, Koni shocks continue to set the standard for Shock Absorber excellence. Upgrade your driving experience with Koni – where innovation meets the road.

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Why choose KONI?

Unlock the ultimate journey with Koni RV Shocks Absorbers! Elevate your ride to new heights of comfort, performance, and safety. 

Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary? Choose Koni for a driving experience that transcends the norm. 

Precision engineering meets unmatched innovation – because your journey deserves the best. Upgrade to Koni RV Shocks Absorbers and redefine the way you travel. Your adventure, your choice, your Koni. Travel in confidence, drive in style!

Advantages of Choosing Koni RV Shock Absorbers

Some advantages of choosing this Shock Absorber in the United States are:

Exceptional Comfort

Provide a smooth and comfortable ride, ensuring that every journey is a pleasure.

Precision Performance

Experience superior handling and control on various terrains, from highways to challenging off-road conditions, thanks to Koni's precision engineering.

Innovative Technology

Benefit from cutting-edge technology, such as Frequency Selective Damping and adjustable features, allowing you to customize your ride according to your preferences.

Enhanced Safety

Enhance safety by maintaining stability and responsiveness, ensuring you have optimal control in critical driving situations.


Built to last, withstand the rigors of the road, providing longevity and reliability for your adventures.

Easy Installation

Enjoy hassle-free installation, making the upgrade a convenient and efficient process.


Suitable for a wide range of Class A and Class B RVs, as well as select pickup trucks used for towing, Koni offers a versatile solution for various recreational vehicles.

Proven Reputation

Trust in Koni's longstanding reputation for excellence in shock absorber technology, backed by a legacy of satisfied customers worldwide.

Unbeatable Prices on RV Shocks at Shockwarehouse

Revolutionize your ride with Koni RV Shocks Absorbers, now within reach at Shockwarehouse – your gateway to unbeatable prices and exclusive deals! Elevate your journey without breaking the bank. 

Discover a world of comfort, performance, and safety at prices that make upgrading your RV shocks a no-brainer. With Shockwarehouse, it's not just about the destination; it's about the unparalleled experience along the way. Don't miss out – seize the road with Koni and Shockwarehouse today! Call us today!



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