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Below you will find the Shockwarehouse RV Suspension Guide Troubleshooter.

Shockwarehouse can help you diagnose and solve any Motorhome or Rv Suspension Problem.

Our brands of shocks, like Koni and Bilstein, will always help every vehicle, and they will definitely solve Bouncing, Porpoising or just rough driving.

  • Feeling Sway or Body Roll? Check out our Sway Bars from Supersteer and Roadmaster or Sumo Springs from Supersprings.
  • Has your steering become soft?  Is the RV Wandering? Do you get blown off the road by Tandem Trailers or Heavy Winds? Check out Sway Bars, Trac Bars, and Steering Stabilizers from  Safe T Plus, Supersteer, and Roadmaster
  • Want to Prevent Tire Blowouts? Checkout our Roadmaster and Safe T Plus Steering Dampers and Stablizers.
  • Need some Load Support check our load support option from Sumo Springs and Timbren.

Search for your Motorhome solution by using our Make Model Year search bar at the top of the Page.

We have solutions for every Motorhome Suspension issue. Every brand and chassis.


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Shock Absorbers Air Bags Anti-Sway Bar Bell Crank Trac Bar Steering Damper Steering Stabilizer
Bouncing X
Porpoising (up and down movement) X
Rough Ride X X
Sway (Body Roll) X
Soft Steering X X X X X

Wind Buffering (crosswinds, wind gusts and passing 18-wheelers)

Wander X X X
Rut Tracking X X
Blow Out Protection X X
Load Leveling X
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