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The Toyota 4Runner X-REAS shock system is a performance suspension option on many Toyota 4-Runner models. The X-REAS shock system, which stands for X-Relative Absorber System, is an option on all 2002 and newer 4Runners. 



The X-REAS shock system is engineered to enhance 4Runner stability during corners. It achieves this by transferring oil from the inside rear wheel to the outside front wheel. This process shifts oil from the shock with the least force applied to the one experiencing the highest force. 

The system interconnects the front right shock with the left rear shock and the left front shock with the right rear shock. This interlinking ensures a more balanced handling experience for the vehicle.

Because the shocks and hydraulic system need to be serviced at the same time, replacing the X-REAS suspension is expensive. 

If your vehicle came equipped with X-REAS suspension, you can replace the expensive X-REAS shocks with a conventional set of shocks. In fact, many Toyota dealerships recommend converting the X-REAS shocks to standard shocks for customers who need replacements because the work is so expensive.

Seamless Transition: Converting X-REAS Suspension to Traditional Shocks in Your Toyota 4Runner

Curious about how the X-REAS suspension works? Unlike systems controlled by onboard computers, the X-REAS suspension operates independently. This means that replacing the shocks with traditional shock absorbers won't trigger error messages or dashboard warning lights.

However, when transitioning a 4Runner from X-REAS to a conventional suspension style, a crucial consideration arises. It's imperative to replace all four shocks. Why? The factory X-REAS system intricately cross-links the front and rear shocks. Removing just one shock disrupts this delicate balance, causing the entire system to cease functioning.

Replacement shocks for Toyota X-REAS

For a seamless transition from X-REAS to traditional shock absorbers, we recommend opting for high-pressure monotube shocks, such as the Bilstein Heavy Duty brand, specifically for the Toyota 4Runner. 

Why the emphasis on quality performance shocks? Drivers accustomed to the upgraded X-REAS suspension expect a certain level of handling and road-holding prowess. Replacing the factory shocks with high-quality performance shocks ensures an improvement in the vehicle's overall handling and road-holding capabilities.

So, if you're pondering, "How does X-REAS suspension work?" rest assured that the transition to traditional shocks is possible without triggering warnings. Just remember the importance of a complete shock replacement for a seamless and enhanced driving experience in your Toyota 4Runner.

Our best Toyota X-REAS Suspension products

Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks for 2002-2009 Toyota 4-Runner with X-REAS

Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks for 2010-2022 Toyota 4-Runner with X-REAS

Bilstein B8 5100 Leveling Shocks for 2002-2009 Toyota 4-Runner with X-REAS

Bilstein B8 5100 Leveling Shocks for 2010-2022 Toyota 4-Runner with X-REAS

Toyota 4Runner X-REAS Suspension Replacement DIY Instructions

Elevate Your 4Runner's Ride: Transitioning from X-REAS to High-Performance Shocks

Embark on a journey of transformation as you Elevate Your 4Runner's Ride! Explore the seamless transition from X-REAS to High-Performance Shocks Absorbers, unlocking a new realm of precision and power for your vehicle. 

Upgrade your driving experience and conquer the roads with confidence. Trust in the reliability and durability of high-quality shocks absorbers, ensuring that every mile is a testament to enhanced handling and superior road control. 

Whether you're cruising through city streets or conquering off-road terrain, these shocks absorbers are engineered to elevate your 4Runner's performance. Made for the road, made for adventure. Elevate your ride today! Available for delivery across the United States.


Embark on a journey of superior driving dynamics with the exceptional benefits of Toyota X-REAS Shocks. These state-of-the-art shock absorbers redefine your driving experience, offering a myriad of advantages that elevate both performance and comfort to unprecedented levels.

  • The hallmark feature of Toyota X-REAS Shocks lies in their ability to provide enhanced stability during a variety of driving conditions. 
  • The innovative system strategically transfers oil between wheels, ensuring optimal weight distribution and minimizing body roll while navigating corners. This results in precise handling, allowing you to tackle twists and turns with confidence.
  • One of the standout features is the adaptability of the X-REAS system to diverse terrains and road conditions. 
  • The shocks seamlessly adjust to varying driving scenarios, providing a responsive and controlled ride whether you're cruising on smooth highways or navigating challenging off-road landscapes. 
  • This adaptability ensures that your vehicle maintains optimal performance, regardless of the driving environment.

Durability and longevity are inherent in the design of Toyota X-REAS Shocks. Crafted with precision engineering and high-quality materials, these shock absorbers are built to withstand the rigors of daily driving, making them a reliable and long-lasting investment in your vehicle's performance.

Replacement shocks for Toyota X-REAS suspension


Unlike traditional shock absorbers, the X-REAS system offers a unique cross-link design that interconnects the front and rear shocks. This interconnectedness ensures a synchronized response, contributing to a more balanced and controlled ride. The result is a smoother driving experience that enhances not only comfort but also safety on the road.


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