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Quigley's Ford van 4x4 conversions are renowned for their durability and versatility, and Shockwarehouse often gets requests from customers with Quigley conversions on their Ford E-350 vans. On most vehicles, shocks should be inspected and possibly replaced at 50,000 miles. On a modified offroad van the shock life of a shock can be much shorter. Whether you're looking to replace your Quigley E-350's shocks with soft, comfortable factory shocks or high performance shocks, we have you covered.

Quigley has been converting Ford vans and trucks to 4WD for almost half a century, and there are more than 15,000 converted vans out there, and many "Quigley" vans have been modified after they left the Quigley factory or were built by third party installers, so fitment is not guaranteed and this guide should not be considered definitive. You will need to measure your shocks in order to ensure proper fitment You can find our guide on how to measure shocks here.

Are Your Quigley Van's Shocks Worn Out? Here's What You Need to Know.

Are you experiencing worn-out shocks on your Ford E-350 Quigley van? If so, it's important to know the options available for replacement. Quigley Ford van 4x4 conversions have a reputation for durability, but the life of shocks on modified off-road vans can be shorter than on regular vehicles. Shockwarehouse, a trusted provider, understands the specific needs of Quigley conversions on Ford E-350 vans and offers a range of shock options.

Whether you prefer soft, comfortable factory shocks or high-performance ones, Shockwarehouse has you covered. With over 15,000 converted Ford E-350 Quigley vans out there, fitment may not be guaranteed due to modifications made after leaving the factory or by third-party installers. Therefore, proper measuring of the shocks is crucial to ensure a proper fit.

This comprehensive guide will assist you in selecting the right shocks for your specific Quigley E-350 conversion, whether you're looking for stock shocks, soft and reliable ones like KYB Excel-G, upgrades like the Bilstein 4600 series, or extreme off-road ready options like the Bilstein 5165 remote reservoir shocks. For the rear shocks, options include the stock KYB Gasajust for a comfortable ride or upgrades like the Bilstein 4600 series, perfect for off-road adventures.

With Shockwarehouse's expertise and commitment to providing reliable service, you can easily upgrade your Ford E-350 Quigley van's suspension to ensure optimal performance. Plus, by using the code "QUIGLEY10", you can even get $10 off your Bilstein order.

Understanding Quigley Van Shocks

A Look at Quigley's Renowned Versatility

Quigley vans, particularly the Ford E-350 conversions, are known for their superior versatility. They are engineered to handle tough terrain and demanding weather conditions, making them ideal for off-road enthusiasts and adventurers. The Quigley 4x4 conversion enhances the capabilities of the already robust Ford E-350 van by adding four-wheel drive functionality.

One of the key components contributing to this versatility is the shock absorbers. They are designed to absorb and dampen the impact from rough roads, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the terrain. The Quigley conversion uses high-quality shocks that can withstand the rigors of off-road driving, offering drivers both comfort and control.

However, like any other vehicle part, shocks can wear out over time, particularly under strenuous usage – and Quigley vans are often put to the test. It's crucial for owners to understand the signs of wear and know when to replace these vital components. Only then can you continue to enjoy the renowned versatility and performance of your Ford E-350 Quigley van.

When to Inspect and Replace Your Shocks

Shock absorbers are critical to your Ford E-350 Quigley van's ride comfort and control. However, they don't last forever. It's crucial to recognize the signs of worn-out shocks to maintain your van's performance.

Typically, if your vehicle has traveled over 50,000 miles, it may be time for a shock inspection. However, the specific mileage can vary depending on your driving habits and the conditions your van has been exposed to.

Indications of worn-out shocks include a noticeable decrease in handling and braking performance, excessive bouncing or swaying during rides, or if your van leans or dips during turns or braking. Additionally, oil leaks from the shock or strut body or uneven tire wear can also signal the need for shock replacement.

Regular shock inspection and replacement is essential, not only to preserve the performance and comfort of your Ford E-350 Quigley van but also to ensure safety. Worn-out shocks can increase stopping distance, reduce stability in turns, and lead to increased wear on other suspension components. By staying on top of shock maintenance, you can continue to enjoy the full capabilities of your Quigley conversion.

Considering Your Shock Options

The Comfort of Factory Shocks

Factory shocks, also known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) shocks, are the ones installed on your Quigley van when it first leaves the factory. These shocks are designed to provide a good balance of comfort, control, and durability. They're calibrated to work well with the weight, geometry, and suspension design of the specific vehicle model, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride in most driving situations.

The primary advantage of factory shocks is their balance of performance and comfort. They're neither too soft nor too hard, making them ideal for everyday driving. They also tend to have a longer lifespan than performance shocks due to their less aggressive damping profiles.

However, keep in mind that factory shocks are not designed for extreme off-road use or heavy towing. If your Quigley van often faces these conditions, you might want to consider upgrading to high-performance shocks. But for regular driving, factory shocks are a reliable and comfortable option.

The Advantages of High Performance Shocks

High-performance shocks are an excellent option for those who regularly push their Quigley vans to the limit. Whether you often drive on challenging off-road trails, frequently carry heavy loads, or want improved handling, high-performance shocks can significantly enhance your van's performance.

These shocks are designed with superior damping and stronger materials to handle harsh conditions better than factory shocks. They can provide heightened road feel, improved cornering, and less body roll, resulting in a more controlled, responsive driving experience.

Notably, high-performance shocks like the Bilstein 4600 series or the Bilstein 5165 remote reservoir shocks offer advanced technology for exceptional performance. For instance, Bilstein's monotube design ensures consistent performance under demanding conditions, while the remote reservoir increases damping power during extended off-road use.

However, it's important to remember that high-performance shocks can make your ride firmer, which some drivers might find less comfortable for everyday driving. But for those seeking the ultimate in off-road capability and control, the trade-off can be well worth it.

Navigating Your Quigley's History

The Evolution of Quigley Conversions

Quigley conversions have a rich history, dating back to the company's founding in the late 1960s. Over the decades, Quigley has become a trusted name in 4x4 van conversions, particularly for Ford E-series models.

In the early years, Quigley started with simple modifications, primarily converting vans for use in industries like telecommunications, where off-road capability was essential. However, as the demand for off-road vehicles grew among outdoor enthusiasts and explorers, Quigley began to offer more comprehensive conversions.

Today, Quigley conversions are renowned for their robust off-road capabilities. They have evolved to include improvements in ride quality, handling, and load-carrying ability. The company has continuously refined its conversion process to offer better performance and reliability, including the use of high-quality shocks.

Understanding the evolution of Quigley conversions can help you appreciate the quality of your van and make informed decisions when it's time to replace parts like shocks. Whether your Quigley is an older model or a more recent conversion, it carries a legacy of off-road capability and durability.

Understanding Third Party Modifications

Over time, some Quigley van owners may opt for third-party modifications to further customize their vehicle's performance, often to suit specific off-road or cargo needs. These modifications can range from larger tires and lift kits to upgraded suspension components, including shocks.

While such modifications can enhance certain aspects of your Quigley van's performance, they can also affect the compatibility and fitment of replacement parts. For instance, if your Quigley van has been lifted, it may require longer shocks than the original factory-installed ones.

Consequently, it's important to consider any third-party modifications when selecting replacement shocks. You'll need to ensure that the shocks you choose are compatible with your van's current setup. If you're unsure about what shocks to get, consider consulting with a trusted shock provider or a professional mechanic experienced with Quigley conversions.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to maintain or improve your Quigley van's performance. Any modifications, including shock replacements, should contribute towards that end, not detract from it.

Measures for Ensuring Proper Fitment

Using Guides to Measure Your Shocks

Proper fitment is a key factor when replacing your Quigley van's shocks. A shock that’s too long may bottom out and damage the shock or your vehicle, while one that's too short might limit suspension travel.

To ensure proper fitment, you'll need to measure your current shocks. Start by ensuring your van is on level ground and at its normal ride height. Measure the distance from the center of the upper shock mount to the center of the lower mount. This measurement is your current shock's installed or ride height.

You should also measure your shock's fully extended and fully compressed lengths. To do so, you'll need to jack up your van until the wheel is off the ground for the extended length, and then let the suspension hang as far as it goes for the compressed length.

These measurements will guide you in selecting the correct shock for your Quigley van. Many shock manufacturers and suppliers, including Shockwarehouse, provide detailed fitment guides to help you find the suitable shocks based on these measurements.

1992-2017 E-350 Quigley Conversion Front Shock Options

Affordable Quality with KYB Excel-G

For those seeking affordable quality, the KYB Excel-G shocks are a great choice for your Quigley conversion. These shocks are designed to restore your van's original handling and control capabilities, offering a balance between comfort and performance that's similar to what you'd expect from factory shocks.

KYB Excel-G shocks are calibrated to compensate for worn suspensions and meet the OE quality. They feature a seamless working cylinder and a triple chrome plated piston rod for smooth operation and additional rust protection.

These shocks offer reliable performance at a price point that's accessible for most van owners. They're a solid choice if your Quigley van is used mainly for everyday driving and occasional mild off-roading.

Remember, a smoother ride not only adds to your comfort but also reduces wear on other vehicle components. Thus, choosing a quality shock like the KYB Excel-G can contribute to the overall longevity of your Quigley van.

A Step Up - Bilstein 4600 (B6)

For those considering an upgrade from factory shocks, the Bilstein 4600 (B6) series offers a noticeable improvement in performance. This shock absorber is designed to provide superior control, improved handling, and enhanced stability without sacrificing ride comfort.

The Bilstein 4600 series utilizes a unique, velocity-sensitive, digressive piston which reacts to changing road conditions. This ensures consistent performance and a high level of comfort, even under load or during more stringent driving situations.

Furthermore, the Bilstein 4600 series features a monotube design that offers quicker damping response and better heat dissipation compared to traditional twin-tube shocks. This design allows the shock to perform well even under demanding conditions, making it an excellent choice if your Quigley van frequently goes off-road or carries heavy loads.

In essence, the Bilstein 4600 (B6) series offers a significant upgrade in performance over factory shocks, making them a worthwhile investment for those seeking enhanced driving experience from their Quigley van.

The Offroad Power of Bilstein 5100

If your Quigley van frequently faces challenging off-road conditions, the Bilstein 5100 series could be the perfect shock upgrade for you. These high-performance shocks are specifically designed to handle the rigors of off-roading, making them an excellent choice for adventurers and off-road enthusiasts.

Bilstein 5100 shocks feature a monotube design with a digressive piston, similar to the 4600 series. However, they offer additional off-road benefits such as greater wheel travel and the ability to handle larger, heavier wheels and tires.

Moreover, the 5100 series incorporates Bilstein's patented, velocity-sensitive technology. This allows the shocks to adjust instantly to any road condition, providing optimal performance whether you're climbing steep hills, navigating rocky trails, or simply driving on the highway.

In essence, Bilstein 5100 shocks provide an exceptional level of control, comfort, and durability, even under the harshest off-road conditions. With these shocks, you can truly unleash the off-road power of your Quigley van.

For the Extreme - Bilstein 5165

For those who demand the ultimate in off-road performance from their Quigley van, the Bilstein 5165 series offers an extreme solution. These remote reservoir shocks are designed for heavy-duty off-road use and are built to withstand the most rigorous conditions.

The Bilstein 5165 features a remote reservoir that increases the shock oil capacity for greater heat dissipation, thus providing sustained damping performance even under prolonged off-road use. The monotube design and digressive piston offer superior control and comfort, no matter the terrain.

Furthermore, the Bilstein 5165 is equipped with a unique swivel banjo fitting on the reservoir hose, allowing for 360 degrees of rotation for easier fitment.

While the Bilstein 5165 may be a significant investment, its durability, performance, and the added confidence it provides when navigating extreme off-road conditions make it a worthy consideration for serious off-roaders. In essence, the Bilstein 5165 is designed for those who push their Quigley vans to the limit.

1992-2017 E-350 Quigley Conversion Rear Shock Options

Stability with KYB Gasajust

The KYB Gasajust is a popular choice for rear shocks on Quigley conversions, known for its blend of performance and value. These gas-charged shocks provide a smooth, stable ride under a variety of driving conditions, making them an excellent choice for drivers who prioritize comfort and stability.

The Gasajust series features a monotube design that offers a quicker response compared to standard twin-tube shocks. This design also helps to keep the shock cooler under heavy use, improving its performance and longevity.

The KYB Gasajust incorporates a velocity-sensitive valving system that adjusts quickly to changing road conditions. This ensures consistent comfort and control, whether you're driving on smooth highways or rugged off-road trails.

While it may not offer the extreme performance of higher-end shock options, the KYB Gasajust is a reliable, cost-effective choice that delivers a substantial improvement over worn-out factory shocks. It's a great option for those seeking a comfortable, stable ride from their Quigley van.

Performance with Bilstein 4600 (B6)

For Quigley van owners seeking enhanced performance, the Bilstein 4600 (B6) series is a worthy upgrade for your rear shocks. Just like its application for the front, the Bilstein 4600 series provides improved control, stability, and comfort over factory shocks, making it an excellent choice for those looking to elevate their driving experience.

The Bilstein 4600 (B6) features a monotube design that ensures consistent performance and durability. Its velocity-sensitive, digressive piston adjusts quickly to changing road conditions, providing optimal performance whether you're carrying heavy loads or tackling off-road terrain.

Furthermore, the Bilstein 4600 series is designed to enhance your van's suspension system without changing the ride height. This makes it a great choice if you're looking for a performance upgrade without modifying your vehicle's stance.

With the Bilstein 4600 (B6) series, you can expect a noticeable improvement in your Quigley van's handling and stability, providing a more confident and enjoyable driving experience.

A Stronger Upgrade - Bilstein 4600 (B6)

If you're seeking an even stronger upgrade for your Quigley van's rear shocks, the Bilstein 4600 (B6) series remains a top contender. These shocks are exceptional for drivers who push their vans to the limit, whether that's towing heavy loads, frequent off-roading, or simply desiring improved handling and stability.

The Bilstein 4600 (B6) series shocks feature advanced monotube design, providing superior heat dissipation and constant damping power even under the toughest conditions. Their velocity-sensitive, digressive piston adjusts instantly to road conditions, offering enhanced control and comfort.

One of the key features of the Bilstein 4600 (B6) series is its ability to provide these performance improvements without changing the vehicle's ride height. This means you can enjoy a significant upgrade in performance while maintaining your vehicle's original stance.

In essence, the Bilstein 4600 (B6) series is a stronger upgrade that delivers improved handling and stability, making every drive in your Quigley van a more confident and enjoyable experience.

Quigley Van Suspension Discounts

Securing Discounts on Your Quigley Bilstein Order

While upgrading your Quigley van's shocks can be a significant investment, there are ways to make it more affordable. One of these ways is by taking advantage of product discounts. Shockwarehouse, for instance, offers a $10 discount on Bilstein orders with the use of a special code.

When you place your order for Bilstein shocks, simply enter the code "QUIGLEY10" during checkout to apply the discount. This can make a noticeable difference in the overall cost of your shock upgrade, particularly if you're replacing all four shocks simultaneously.

It's also worthwhile to subscribe to Shockwarehouse emails for sales or promotional events which may offer additional opportunities for savings. Remember, investing in high-quality shocks is not only an investment in your vehicle's performance and comfort but also its longevity.

So, as you consider replacing your Quigley van's shocks, don't forget to take advantage of these discounts. They can make your upgrade project more affordable without compromising on quality or performance.

1992-2017 E-350 Quigley Conversion Front Shocks

Quigley's Ford E-250 4x4 conversions are designed to use the factory Ford E-150 rear shocks on the front.

Stock - KYB Excel-G part number 344369. The closest to the factory shock (Ford part number F5UZ-18125-C) in ride quality and stability is the KYB Excel-G.

Upgrade - Bilstein 4600 (B6) part number 33-017204. We recommend all users with modified vans upgrade to a high pressure monotube shock.

Serious Upgrade - Bilstein 5100 part number 33-186504. The Bilstein 5100 is an offroad ready monotube shock absorber with stiffer valving to accommodate the higher weight of a van with a 4x4 conversion and more. If your van has an aftermarket front bumper or winch, we recommend upgrading to the Bilstein 5100 or better.

Extreme Upgrade - Bilstein 5165 part number 25-177480. Valved for higher weights like the 5100, these remote reservoir shocks are the best on the market today. The Bilstein 5165 is a remote reservoir shock designed for offroading in the harshest terrains on earth and will not lose damping power even on the hottest desert excursions.

1992-2017 E-350 Quigley Conversion Rear Shocks

Stock - KYB Gasajust part number KG5498. The KYB Gasajust provides the reliability and heat dissipation of a monotube shock with a soft, comfortable ride.

Upgrade - Bilstein 4600 (B6) part number 33-176840. The Bilstein 4600 monotube shock is legendary for its performance both on and offroad. Recommended for all vans used offroad.

Serious Upgrade - Bilstein 4600 (B6) part number 33-176857. Bilstein's 4600 series heavy duty shock absorber with a stiffer valving designed for motorhomes, box trucks and ambulances, perfect for extra heavy offroad excursion vans.


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