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Quigley's Ford van 4x4 conversions are renowned for their durability and versatility, and Shockwarehouse often gets requests from customers with Quigley conversions on their Ford E-350 vans. On most vehicles, shocks should be inspected and possibly replaced at 50,000 miles. On a modified offroad van the shock life of a shock can be much shorter. Whether you're looking to replace your Quigley E-350's shocks with soft, comfortable factory shocks or high performance shocks, we have you covered.

Quigley has been converting Ford vans and trucks to 4WD for almost half a century, and there are more than 15,000 converted vans out there, and many "Quigley" vans have been modified after they left the Quigley factory or were built by third party installers, so fitment is not guaranteed and this guide should not be considered definitive. You will need to measure your shocks in order to ensure proper fitment You can find our guide on how to measure shocks here.

1992-2017 E-350 Quigley Conversion Front Shocks

Quigley's Ford E-250 4x4 conversions are designed to use the factory Ford E-150 rear shocks on the front.

Stock - KYB Excel-G part number 344369. The closest to the factory shock (Ford part number F5UZ-18125-C) in ride quality and stability is the KYB Excel-G.

Upgrade - Bilstein 4600 (B6) part number 33-017204. We recommend all users with modified vans upgrade to a high pressure monotube shock.

Serious Upgrade - Bilstein 5100 part number 33-186504. The Bilstein 5100 is an offroad ready monotube shock absorber with stiffer valving to accommodate the higher weight of a van with a 4x4 conversion and more. If your van has an aftermarket front bumper or winch, we recommend upgrading to the Bilstein 5100 or better.

Extreme Upgrade - Bilstein 5165 part number 25-177480. Valved for higher weights like the 5100, these remote reservoir shocks are the best on the market today. The Bilstein 5165 is a remote reservoir shock designed for offroading in the harshest terrains on earth and will not lose damping power even on the hottest desert excursions.

1992-2017 E-350 Quigley Conversion Rear Shocks

Stock - KYB Gasajust part number KG5498. The KYB Gasajust provides the reliability and heat dissipation of a monotube shock with a soft, comfortable ride.

Upgrade - Bilstein 4600 (B6) part number 33-176840. The Bilstein 4600 monotube shock is legendary for its performance both on and offroad. Recommended for all vans used offroad.

Serious Upgrade - Bilstein 4600 (B6) part number 33-176857. Bilstein's 4600 series heavy duty shock absorber with a stiffer valving designed for motorhomes, box trucks and ambulances, perfect for extra heavy offroad excursion vans.


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Image via Quigley

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