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Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shocks can provide several benefits to your travel trailer, enhancing the overall towing experience and improving the safety and comfort. A more comfortable ride for both the trailer and its occupants. It can reduce the jarring and bouncing and also provide sway control by limiting lateral suspension travel and side-to-side rocking experienced when towing your trailer.

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shocks come in 3 sizes depending on axle diameter - 2 3/8", 3" or 3.5" axle.

Roadmaster Comfort Ride Shocks can help stabilize your travel trailer by reducing the swaying motion in crosswinds or when passing or being passed by large vehicles.

These travel trailer shock systems will also improve the handling of your travel trailer by minimizing the impact of road cracks and holes and uneven pavement on the trailer's tires and suspension. You will have more control thus reducing the risk of trailer sway or fishtailing.

Good Travel Trailer Shocks help reduce/minimize the wear and tear on your trailer's suspension components, tires, and other parts and extend the lifespan of the trailer. They will increase traction especially on tough roads which most trailers encounter and they will protect your cargo against items shifting or breaking.

For 2-3/8" axles use Roadmaster part 2450

For 3" axles use Roadmaster part 2460

For 3.5" axles use Roadmaster part 2470

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