Leveling Shocks vs. Spacer Kits

Leveling Shocks vs. Spacer Kits

Spacer kits are a popular upgrade these days for later model trucks and SUVs, largely because of the increased use of coilover front suspensions, factory "rake" and the trend toward larger wheel wells.

A lot of people get the spacer kits to get rid of the rake, the slightly lower front-end height that your truck has standard from the factory. These kits can add 1 to 3 inches of front ride height to most trucks that have a coil spring suspension.

The usual spacer kits do increase ride height, but typically they DECREASE suspension up-travel, sometimes by as much as 2 inches. Strut extension kits can also increase down-travel, which can lead to damaged ball joints, CV joints, driveline or swaybar components. Spring preload spacer kits increase ride height by raising the static spring rate, but this can lead to loss of rebound damping control, and droop. Excessive front-end bounce is the result, umcomfortable and potentially dangerous.

Coilover leveling shocks, on the other hand, prevent the down-travel over-extension of suspension that can lead to component damage. They are also the simpler solution, with fewer parts to install.

Coilover leveling shocks allow for up to 2 inches more up-travel than a strut extension will, so you get more wheel travel while maintaining the factory compression stops and avoiding component damage.

By replacing your OE shocks with coilover leveling shocks, you won't just be changing your truck or SUV's appearance at the potential cost of handling compromise and parts damage--you will be getting a true performance and handling upgrade.

Shockwarehouse has front end leveling systems from Bilstein and Eibach to fit every application.



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