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Your motorhome is a great place, except when you are at the wheel and you experience the RV wandering, vibrating from side to side, or the motorhome generating lazy steering and unable to keep the line going down the road or maybe you are experiencing rut tracking?

The Roadmaster Davis TruTrac™ Bars help solve ALL these issues.  The Roadmaster TruTrac Bars are available for Ford F53 Chassis RVs, the Workhorse line of w16, W18, W20, W22, W24 and Kodiak 4500 and 5500 chassis,  the TruTrac will get the RV back on the straight.
Made with polyurethane bushings the TruTrac links to the front chassis and reduces axle wrap, wheel hop, and sway, enhancing traction and control. The trac bars limit the lateral movement of the axle, the TruTrac bar can contribute to improved handling, reduced body roll, and increased stability, especially in the ever changing and demanding driving conditions of Rv Life

Safer and more driver comfort.  No drilling or welding needed. The TruTrac installs directly into the RV Manufacturer drilled holes

Make your Motorhome driving simple.  Buy a Roadmaster TruTrac from Shockwarehouse today.
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