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Roadmaster produces some of the most innovative aftermarket steering stabilizers for RVs, Motorhomes and trucks including: Roadmaster Exact Center, and the Roadmaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer.

The Roadmaster stabilizers are typically installed between the vehicle's chassis and the steering linkage to help reduce, front tire blow out, crosswinds and passing traffic from big Trailer Trucks, uneven pavement, rut tracking, road edging and driver road fatigue

The new Roadmaster Exact Center state of the art technology returns your Motorhome, Bus, Truck or Jeep to the center. Exact Center eliminates death wobble on Jeeps and Trucks. It allows your Motorhome to get that “drive like a Cadillac feel”.

What makes the Exact Center unique? The Exact Center is a proactive stabilizer prevents movement before the vehicle moves off center whereas all other stabilizers react after the vehicle moves offline.

The Roadmaster Reflex Stabilize with its hydraulic cylinder and spring system is made for RVs, Trucks, SUVs, Emergency Vehicles and Vans. It comes with a tempered steel spring which allows the vehicle to spring back to the center. It prevents over-steering and makes driving easier.

The Roadmaster Line of Steering Stabilizers are listed below or use our search tool on the top on the website to get back to the Center with Roadmaster at Shockwarehouse.

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