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The team at Shockwarehouse get this question a lot




Do not use an impact tool to loosen or tighten fasteners or this might happen


Here are some helpful hints from the fellas at Bilstien.

To properly toque the top nut you will first want to determine the size of the nut. M stands for metric and the numbers following are the inner diameter of the nut in Millimeters.


Size of Nut



10 ft/lbs


34 ft/lbs


54 ft/lbs


83 ft/lbs


Measuring the diameter of your top nut or of the threaded rod will allow you to match up the size with the required torque spec. Example, 12mm diameter means it is an M12 nut and should be torqued to 34 ft/lbs.

NOTE: If you are re-using OEM factory hardware make sure it is in good condition and use the vehicle manufacturer's torque specifications on OEM nuts and bolts


All rubber-mounted strut/damper attachments must not be fully tightened until after the suspension system is loaded (wheels on the ground). Other mounting fasteners (ex: brackets) must be securely tightened before load is placed on the suspension system


Less is more, do not over tighten.



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