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1.  When purchasing shocks for a lifted truck, there are basically two things you want to know to start: Does the truck have a BODY lift, or a SUSPENSION lift.


If the truck has a BODY-LIFT, normaly that means it still has or uses the stock length shocks from the factory. In a case like that, you can use any stock size shock we list in our  Online Catalog. (unless the manufacturer of the body-lift kit recommends something else.) We recommend using a monotube shock design, because a lifted truck tends to have a higher center of gravity, and monotubes offer much better stability, handling, and dampening force. Especially when larger tires are used.

2.  If your truck has a LIFTED SUSPENSION modification, those usually require a certain length specialty shock. It will depend on the lift-kit manufacturer, and how much lift the kit provides. If you are uncertain how much lift your truck has, or what size shocks you need, you must check with the lift kit manufacturer. Their engineers would have designed the kit for a specific length shock.

If you have installed a LEVELING KIT, the same thing applies. You must check with the leveling kit manufacturer. (they are not all made the same). You need to know from them if can you use a stock length unit, or does their kit / modification require a special unit or length.

Shock Selection

Some shocks for lifted trucks are direct bolt on parts for a specific vehicle, and are available through our shock manufacturers, such as Bilstein 5100s, KYB Monomax, Rancho or Eibach Lift Systems. These will be listed in our  Online Catalog when they are a bolt up application.


Parts for a Truck with a Suspension Lift

A.  Trucks - KYB Monomax (when listed in our online catalog).

B.  Trucks - Bilstein 5100-series Shocks & Struts (when listed in our online catalog or on chart).

C.  Trucks - Eibach Pro Truck Lift Systems (when listed in our online catalog).

D.  Trucks - Rancho Shocks & Struts (when listed in our online catalog).

Getting Shocks by Size and Mountings

The shock companies we have do not make shocks for every lifted vehicle. For cases where a direct bolt on is not available, shock companies sometimes publish the size of their shocks and mounts configurations as a series of charts. This allows a qualified and trained fabricator / mechanic to choose a shock that best fits the modification made to the vehicle.




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