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Questions (over one weekend): I have a Dodge motor home jamberee. It is a 1979 F40 I can't find the model any where. i need front and rear shocks. The front shocks have 2 bolts on bottom and 1 nut on top. The rears have 1 big bolt top and bottom. Do you have a # for me I need a picture of the shock to match up.

Second question more info I have a 1979 van type class c motor home. f40 I found the bilstien Shock # f4-b46-0925-HO It looks like the correct shock. Is Monroe # 555037 front and 555038 rear a good shock for the truck. the front axle wt. is 3660 lb. The total GVW is 10600. I hope you can steer me in the right direction.

This is my third email on the dogde moter home F40 I have more info. The front shock is the type for the b350 but the size is 18"
extended from tip to tip 13" at its smallest. The rear is 22" extended and15" at its smallest. The rear has a bolt to hold it top and bottom. Looks like the shock for the B350. Waiting for help before I buy.


It looks like The Monroe Gasmagnum part number 555038 will fit your RV in the rear, it has a collapsed length of 12.875" and an expanded of 21". The 555037 has a collapsed length of 10.125" and an expanded of 15.625", BUT it sounds like you might be measuring different than monroe is, they measure shocks from the center of the eyelet to the BASE of the stud, not the tip, which may mean that your measurement was a couple inches longer than theirs and the 555037 might fit. You can see the technical sheet for those shocks, along with the exact measurements of the mounting points, here:

555037 -
Monroe 555037 Front Gas-Magnum RV Shock Absorber
555038 -
Monroe 555038 Rear Gas-Magnum RV Shock Absorber
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