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OK, I am very hard on cornering and turns. I tend to take corners faster than most people so there seems to be a lot of times where it feels like my cars are making an effort to hold the corners or curves.

I am ready soon to purchase some for the 1990 Audi 100. Based on how I normally drive in these situations would you recommend the more performance oriented shocks, like the Bilstein Heavy Dutys or the KYB Gasajust? or the standard oe replacement type like the Bilstein Touring Class TC or the Monroe Sensatracs?


For performance, you want to use a monotube design - What Are Shock Asborbers?

That would be a Bilstein HD / Sport, or a KYB Gasajust unit.

There are some mechanical reasons that make a Bilstein slightly better than the Gasajust

Comparisn Chart -

Guide to Shock Buying

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