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I have a 2004 ford f150 supercrew(2 wheel drive) with an annoying "bump" or rattle in the front end when traveling over rough roads. I had the front end checked and the shop said everything was tight. Could this be the struts or strut mounts? The truck has 140k miles.




It's always best to go with what the mechanic says, only because we cannot see the vehicle or have access to it. There are a lot of parts on a suspension, it could be almost anything. Struts themselves would not make a noise. They are just a hydraulic cylinder. Mounts typically squek and click when one goes bad. Both of these, especially the mount, are easy for a mechanic to check. But it sounds like they did that already. Normaly if a strut / shock is bad, you will get really bad tire wear, so if the tire wear is good, it's probably something else. But that's just a guess, all we can do via internet.
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