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I've got a guestion about shock length i've got a 2005 silverrado 4x4 i've recently put a 2 inch leveling kit on it and it gave it a little rougher ride so a think i need a longer shock becouse i didn't order the shocks with the kit and now i can't get just the shocks becoues it was a package deal could you please tell me what length i need or what shocks you carry that will fit



More about lifted trucks is mention on our site here - /pages/vehicles-with-a-lowered-suspension Basically, whether to use a stock length or longer shock is determined by the manufacturer of the lift kit product. Their engineers will have designed to kit to use one or the other. (there are a 100 different lift kit companies, all have their own way of doing things). Once you know that, you should use what their engineers say to use, meaning, a stock length unit or a special length. More about ' ride ' is mentioned on our website here - /pages/shock-myths
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