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I would like to purchase a new set of struts/shocks fwd and rear shocks for a 03 4runner sport V8. I would like to get the best shocks for comfort/smoothness possible. For the font, the shock is leaking and I do not know if it is better replace the whole strut or just the shock.

The best struts for the 4Runner in terms of comfort will be the KYB Excel-G. These are low pressure twin tube shocks that are designed to be about 5-10% stiffer than your factory shocks to make up for the springs and other suspension components getting softer with age and will restore your truck to the factory ride. You can see those here:

Front: /products/kyb-341340-front-excel-g-strut-toyota-4runner-fj-cruiser-tacoma
Rear: /products/kyb-344410-rear-excel-g-shock-absorber-toyota-4runner-fj-cruiser

There is also a KYB Strut-Plus available for the 4Runner that is a fully assembled strut with spring and is ready to bolt in and completely refresh your suspension:

Front Left: /products/kyb-sr4131-front-left-strut-plus-strut-and-coil-spring-assembly-toyota-4runner-fj-cruiser
Front Right: /products/kyb-sr4130-front-right-strut-plus-strut-and-coil-spring-assembly-toyota-4runner-fj-cruiser

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