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Make: Ford
Model: F-150
Year: 2005


I would like to have your recommendation for struts and shock. I have an 05 f150 that i use to tow a 4500 trailer and I also do a lot of driving on bumpy dirt roads.


If you want to use a twin tube shock design, like the original units, the KYB GR2 or Monroes will be ok.

If you want performance, better handling / dampening, especially at highway speeds, you want to use a monotube shock design. The Bilstein Heavy Duty shocks are the best performance monotubes we have. These are all listed in our online catalog

Question 2:
Do you know if I can get an auto repair shop to install shocks I buy from you?

Are there any special tools needed to replace shocks & stuts?

Answer 2:

The 2005 F150s have a strut in the front, so that would probably require spring compressor tool.

The rears are just regular shocks, which haven't changed much as far as installing them since the '50's.

Any shop familiar with suspensions could install both shocks and struts.

You will need to have an alignment done whenever you replace the struts. An alignment would be needed on at least the front of your truck, so figure that in too.
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