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I always wondered about indoor car shows and auctions. It seems like there's a ton of infrastructure necessary just to have a roof over your head while you look at a car that was designed to be outside. One of the things I wonder about is how you handle traction indoors. Linoleum is pretty slippery, so the Mille Miglia NA decided to put down carpet, presumably to aid traction for the cars and make the show look pretty, not because someone was setting up the world's largest table cloth trick.

Description from Youtube:

At this years Mille Miglia North American Tribute driver Alain de Cadenet flew up on stage at the finish line with bad breaks. This created a hysterical result... Watch closely!

I have to disagree about the "bad breaks" part, and not just because they misspelled brakes. If the Ferrari had bad brakes it wouldn't have been able to knock all four of those people on their butts so easily.


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