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This is the very first Pontiac G8 to run in the 9s.

Dragzine has a full writeup of the car, but here are the cliffnotes: The car was bought to carry kids around (hence the 4-door rather than a coupe), got some bolt ons, then he got bit by the speed bug and slapped a procharger on. Got a little faster, so fast in fact that he couldn't run without a cage. Rather turn to a life of crime and run without a cage, decides to make it a dedicated drag car. Now it's got slicks, a 175 shot of nitrous and a new transmission. Oh, and a 9 second timeslip.

What makes this extra exciting is that the G8 is coming back! Sort of. The Chevy SS sedan, which is an awful name, will finally be another full size, rear drive GM sedan with a big V8. The big V8 powered car is a tradition as old as time, and as the owner of a fullsize GM with a V8 I can tell you that once you go big, you never go back.


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