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It's a pretty common thing to be passed by a work van during normal driving. For some reason every single one of these seems to be perpetually pinned at full throttle weaving through traffic and taking turns that nothing on the planet with that high of a center of gravity should be able to without flipping and turning its entire cargo of tools and hardware into shrapnel that would make the unabomber jealous.

It would be something completely different to look to the side at a drag strip and see a giant white monster like this E350 passing you. The urge to hang up your driving shoes and take up golf would be pretty strong at that point. This E350 van has the same 7.3 powerstroke diesel that came in the Super Duty trucks, so all of the same performance parts will fit it. That makes this the ultimate vehicle for stealing the venus de milo or anything else that's huge and would inevitably lead to a police chase.
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