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Make: Ford

Model: F-100

Manufacture Date: /1979

Chassis Designation: Long wheel base 133"




This is a 2WD truck. I need to know what is the standard length shock for this application (fully extended and fully closed). I have lowered the truck 4 inched in the rear. Can you also tell me if there is a standard shock (eye on bottom post on top) that would fit my application now that its lowered. If you could give me the model and year of vehicle that has these dimensions I would appreciate it.




If any of those part numbers are the size you need to fit the modification, you can tryp the part number in our search field on our website and it will come right up.

If you want a racing shock, some of those are sold by size, here are those spec charts - Bilstein 5125 Offroad Shocks

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