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FOX Dual Speed Compression (DSC) Adjuster

A new DSC adjuster will add versatility and precise tuning capability, with two adjuster knobs allowing ten low-speed and 12 high-speed compression levels. The anodized aluminum reservoir increases cooling efficiency. Available for all 7/8"-shaft smooth body and remote reservoir coil-over shocks. New application-specific hose and fittings may be required.

Low Speed Compression (LSC) Adjuster Tube Rebound Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your FOX 2.0 reservoir shocks with ten clicks of compression, very soft to very firm. The improved LSC adjuster provides increased oil flow over its predecessor, eliminating harshness associated with restricted oil flow. The new design features hard stops to prevent continuous rotation of the knob, making it easier to track adjustments in hard-to-reach locations. Red anodized aluminum knob.

Quick Adjust Bypass (QAB) Tube Compression Upgrade Kit

Quickly and easily adjust bypass tubes without tools. The adjuster has the same flow and range as standard bypass units. The QAB has a definitive click at every quarter turn. O-ring seal keeps moisture and contaminants out. Available for all FOX 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 external bypass shocks. Blue anodized aluminum knob.

FOX Valve Shim Kit

Complete kit of proprietary duburred valve shims for 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5" shocks. Includes ten shims in every available size.

Aluminum Reservoir Mounting Clamp

Attractively anodized and laser etched Aluminum Reservoir Mounting Clamp works with all 2.0 diameter FOX reservoir shocks.

Universal Reservoir Mounting Kit

Securely mount 2.0 diameter reservoir to fabricated chassis tubing with heavy duty hose clamps and rubber stand offs.

Universal Reservoir Mounting Bracket Kit

Securely mount any 2.0 or 2.5 diameter reservoir on any flat metal surface. The universal steel mounting brackets are powder coated black. The heavy-duty hose clamps and mounting screws (included) ensure that you have everything you need to complete the installation.

Nitrogen Filler Gauge

The same Schrader-style nitrogen filler gauge FOX technicians use to properly read reservoir nitrogen levels without sustaining pressure loss, from 0 to 600 psi.

JM92 Advanced Suspension Fluid

Engineered to perform at high temperatures. Advanced base fluids provide consistent and predictable suspension performance at temperatures ranging from -70° to a scorching 400°. Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallons and 55 Gallons.

Aluminum Spanner Wrenches

Beautifully anodized laser-etched billet spanner wrenches allow quick and easy preload adjustments on 2.5 and 3.0 diameter coil-over shocks. 2.5 Aluminum Coil-Over Preload Spanner Wrench, 2.5 Aluminum Coil-Over Backup Spanner Wrench, 3.0 Aluminum Coil-Over Preload Spanner Wrench, 3.0 Aluminum Coil-Over Backup Spanner Wrench.

Spanner Wrench

2.0 Coil-Over Preload/Backup Spanner Wrench. Zinc-plated steel wrench for adjustments on 2.0 diameter coil-over shocks.

Spanner Ratchet Socket

Easily adjust 2.0 coil-over preload and 2.5 rotating remote and piggyback bridges with standard 3/8" ratchet socket.

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