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Model: 2001 Ford Mustang GT V8
Chassis Designation: Coupe
What is your driving style: Hard Performance Driver
Vehicle Setup: Rear Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts

Question: Planning to replace struts, shocks, axle dampner's and all bushings, etc. Looking at putting KYB Gasajust (P/N  KG9023) shocks on rear axle. What would be a good strut for the front that will give an equal balanced performance with the Gasajust shocks on the rear? I am looking for better performance than the KYB GR2 series replacement struts.

Answer: you have three good choices to pair with the Gasajust shocks you're getting for the rear that will all give you great handling. We have high pressure monotube struts available from Bilstein and Edelbrock, which you can see

F4-V36-4138-H5 Bilstein Heavy Duty Front Strut 2001 Ford Mustang GT
And a manually adjustable twin-tube KYB AGX:

734014 KYB AGX Adjustable Front Strut 2001 Ford Mustang GT
The KYB is the least expensive, and is great for street cars because you can set the stiffness of the struts to your preference, but if you're planning on doing extended periods of aggressive driving like track days for example, the monotube shocks may be a better choice for you, as they resist fade much better than a twin tube unit when heated up.
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