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1080 Snowboarding was one of the great second tier multiplayer games for the N64. It obviously can't hold a candle to Goldeneye or Mario Kart but it was as fun to play with friends as Blast Corps and Bomberman 64. I had a sweet strategy for the half pipe level. You got bonus points for finishing early so if you just raced straight through the center and didn't bother with anything more than basic tricks you could get by jumping, you could beat most people's scores. There were a lot of ROS high scores in EB games and Sears in the Southern New England area thanks to that strategy, so I guess you could say I'm a bit of a legend.

This guy is much more of a legend. He hit a wall and spun during the Carlow Rally in Ireland this weekend and must have had a leprechaun up his shillelagh because even spinning 1080 degrees (three full turns) on a tiny street with walls on both sides, he comes to a stop and finds himself facing the right way, unharmed. So he keeps on driving. This is ALMOST as good as the desert racer who crashed at the Parker 425 in his Rally Fighter, did a flip and kept on driving.

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