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Question: I have an Audi A6 Quatro Wagen and is Production date 10/96 And I checked your stock and the Part numbers Shown are as follows  73304 Monroe Sensatrac 1996 Audi A6 Front Strut Insert and rear  71272 Monroe Sensatrac Audi A6 Rear Shock please let me know before I place the order.

Answer: Is your Audio A6 a 1996 model or a 1997? Audi changed the A6 between those years, so if yours is a 1996 model, you will use those shocks. If it's a 1997 model you will want to use these KYB GR2 shocks:

366002 KYB GR2 Front Strut Cartridge 1997 Audi A6
341205 KYB GR2 Rear Shock 1997 Audi A6

If you're unsure which year Audi A6 yours is, you can see pictures of the two different generations here:
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