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SuperSprings installation tools are manufactured specifically for SuperSprings installations. All SuperSprings products may be installed with appropriate common tools, but the custom installation tools can decrease installation times -- sometimes down to a few minutes -- and increase safety.

If you install more than one set of SuperSprings a year, you should consider purchasing dedicated installation tools:

The fastest way to install light and medium duty SuperSprings. A modified 12" Bessey F-Clamp with a MorPad swivel head, custom Acme threaded screw with nut for using pneumatic impact tools, and U-shaped jaw.

The safe installation tool for medium and heavy duty SuperSprings installations. The AcmeClamp is a heavy duty U-bolt with steel crossplate and Acme threaded bolt. The AcmeClamp is not as quick as the SuperClamp, but provides additional safety by having rails on both sides of the clamp.

Hydraulic Clamp
For heavy duty SuperSprings installations, the Hydraulic Clamp delivers high-power clamping force. The Hydraulic Clamp features an 8-ton hydraulic bottle jack in a heavy-duty steel frame.

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