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SuperSway-Stops, manufactured from dense micro-cellular urethane, provide additional stability for trucks equipped with auxiliary top overload leaf springs and air springs. They have a progressive spring rate, just like SumoSprings, and provide additional resistance under greater loads.

If you are using air springs on the rear of a vehicle equipped with a top overload spring, you may be feeling sway, because your air springs lifted the chassis up too high for the overload springs to engage. SuperSway-Stops fill the void between the top overload spring and contact points on the chassis, allowing the overload spring to engage earlier, reducing sway and eliminating lean around turns.

SuperSway-Stops are totally different in design and function from contact pads. SuperSway-Stops are a tall piece of micro-cellular urethane designed to be engaged and then resist with further compression, allowing your top overload spring to do the work it was installed to do.

Note: SuperSway-Stops are only for vehicles equipped with a top overload spring.

Super-Sway Stops carry a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect.

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