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The Tesla Model S has some guts in it! The owner of, Brooks Weisblat, recently bought a Model S and decided to take it out to the Street Car Drags at Palm beach International Raceway to see what he could do. The Tesla Model S was driven to the track 78 miles and immediately laid down two 12.6 passes at 108-mph. Then they charged the car up at the RV plugs at PBIR for three hours and came back out with a full charge and ran 12.371 @ 110.84 mph and then a couple more at 12.4.

Here's the awesome part: a video of the Tesla Model S drag racing a Dodge Viper SRT10 and winning.

They weighed the Tesla Model S at the drag strip and it is not a lightweight at 4,690 pounds.

The Tesla walked the Viper for sure, and everyone is aware that on paper that shouldn't happen - the Viper gets times in the low-to mid-11s stock according to Dragtimes and this one has a an exhaust and air filter. But this was probably not a pro driver, but a guy just out to have a good time in his toy, unaware that he'd end up getting smoked by an electric car and posterized on the internet.
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